“For I know the plans…”

My favorite scripture of all time, Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, Plans for good; not for evil, plans to give you a future and a hope”.

I have long loved this verse because of it’s meaning to me, as His creation. I have read it when life has been all I dreamed it could be, I have used it to encourage myself that there is more on days when life was far from my dreams, and yet today, reading it shows me something different entirely. Today I see that His hope; His son Jesus, gave me a future long before my time on this earth began, He gave me his seal of approval, by giving me breath to breathe, a song to sing, in tune or out of tune, and a command, to be for good and not evil.

I am unsure how many of us are able to keep our tongues from evil! I myself struggle with this, this desire to always speak when I should listen, to hear when I am already thinking of my fastest retort to use in response. To quiet my child’s incessant calling for “Mommy”, so that I can catch the last line of my current television show. To miss the moment to show my child that the picture they are holding smudged and imperfect in front of me was worth far more to me than something I will laugh at and forget about in less than 15 minutes. Do you struggle as I do, with being just a smidge too selfish to see the beauty beyond your own nose? Well my friends, today is the day we trade the “evil” He hasn’t promised for the “Good” that He has!

Would you pray with me, in your own way, maybe picking up your children from pre-school, or coming out of that mega-meeting that was a deal breaker in your life, or sitting in your home preparing for a new day, a new opportunity to put change into practice.

“Lord, we thank you for another day here surrounded by your goodness. May your grace and mercy cover us amidst our failings; though they are many, would you clean our hearts? May you remove selfishness and fill us with your love to honor you and those around us. Help us to bring change, to be change and to operate in the good you have called us too. We love you Lord, and desire to be more like you, pure, kind and gentle in all of our ways. Amen.”



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