Desensitize: to make indifferent, unaware


Have you heard one thing so many times that you no longer have a reaction to it?

For many of us it is, “Mommy”, “Mom”, “Momma”, for others, it’s the radio in the background playing the same songs over and over again until you sing them without thought.

When I was young in age and the faith I was taught as many were, John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

The beauty of this verse is of course our security in our Savior Jesus who came to earth as a wee infant and became a mighty man ready and able to save us from our sin. We were destined to sin, as we were born into a fallen world. There was NO HOPE! … until the birth of Jesus, part man, part God, wholly able to Save.

The moment in my life that took this beautiful picture of grace and changed my life, was the birth of my daughter. I was raised with the full gospel belief, and grew into young adulthood following closely to the word of God; however I got distracted, and stayed distracted for years, forgetting that God had a plan for me beyond my own selfish desires. Then He blessed me, an active sinner; a woman unable to look Him in the eye and yet He gave me a precious child.

She was born a beautiful 7lb. 11oz. and was completely my responsibility. I instantly adored her, and could see in her God’s handiwork. In one moment I knew, my life had to change. If it didn’t; she may never know the work of Jesus in her life. The promise of a verse told and retold for centuries, by mother’s, father’s, grandparents & friends; not to live forever, but to live for now, because God loves us. He admires the earth that He creates but he never shows us love for things, only people. Over the next few years I would work harder than she would ever know to become a mother that was worthy of being called a “Woman after God’s heart”, a women full of mistakes, that were paid for on a cross so long ago; forgiven, changed and new. I would realize with full sensitivity what it would cost me to not only allow my child to suffer for the sin of the world,  but to give my child for the sins of a fallen world. The verse, said so many times that I was no longer affected by it, became alive to me again.

How can you make the white noise surrounding you fade away so that you can hear that still small voice whispering to you again? Make no mistake my friends, He never stops whispering… we just stop hearing. Listen today for your father’s gentle words, “I love you! I see beauty in you, purpose in you, my very heart in you! There is no mistake too great for the cross to overcome! Be strong and courageous and come to me, I will give you rest!”

Let’s Pray,

“Lord, we are so grateful for the love you have given to us. The literal love that you sent to earth to take our place and bear our sin and shame. Lord we ask you to wash us clean today, that we would turn to you and not away from you. That we will stand boldly before your throne and hear the truth of your word. That you gave us eternal life with you, in exchange for our mistakes and regrets. Forgive us Lord and help us to start new today. Make our path straight and our burden light. We pray in the name of your gracious son, Jesus. Amen!”

Now walk in freedom my loves!


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