Really… After allllll this time…

Have you ever said to yourself, “Really…. this is where I still am… after all this time”?

I am sitting in Really Land today…and I’m gonna be really real…

It’s like a picture on the wall in front of you.

A beautiful mountain stands tall, proud and confident on a gorgeous blue background. Oh wait, there you are, standing on the … cliff?

“What am I doing there”, you think… Whoa…. “what is that coming out of my mouth, oh no… don’t… say… that! NO”!

Unfortunately the words have been released. When the Lord created the heavens and the earth and spoke them into existence His words never ended, therefore, what is out is out and what is done is done.

Your hands are clenched in your lap and red from you wringing them with anxiety, because you know. You know that your life is changed each time words that are powerful are released, whether it affects you negatively or not isn’t the end, how it affects the kingdom… well that is the real issue.

You glance back to the picture and you can see …

Yep. That’s me you see… on the ground after the fall… on my knees, crying out to God. “Forgive me”

Sometimes He in His great love for me, lifts me up and wipes off my hands and knees, dries my tears and comforts me, and other times… well His spankings may not be physical, but they are jolting. Sometimes ….the words can’t be taken back. Sometimes… what is said, is never forgotten. Sometimes… you don’t get the opportunity to say I am sorry. Everytime… it’s preventable. We are able to keep our mouth from opening, our hands from typing and our pens from writing. We are given the gift of free will, because He loves us that much; however there is another way. His word says,

“Show me Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths.”

David Learned quickly to ask the Lord. He doesn’t assume many things from what we read of him, instead he consistently asks God. . . Who would have “thunk it”? To actually ask God… not in a wimpy whiny way, but a strong confident way, can you hear the difference?

Teach me Lord to be like you! To quiet my mouth, my flesh in the moment of my weakness… be my strength! Be my shield! My ever-present help in times of trouble! The trouble my own mouth creates that stops the truth of your word from flowing from my mouth like honey. My own mouth that spews vinegar on those I love, when I do not walk in self-control of my greatest weakness.

Psalm 50:19

You give your mouth to evil, And your tongue frames deceit.

I am guilty! but I can trade in that tongue… for a new one! Isn’t that what the good news is all about! That our weakness is His strength, that our junk gets recycled and becomes His treasure.

Psalm 35:28

And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness And of Your praise all the day long.

We hold the power, in our tongues to break people from the bondage of a fallen world, or to tie them up in our words, branding them with our tongues and withholding the truth of the Lord from affecting their life. We have a choice to make. Pray that He helps you to speak abundant life, to see others as He sees them, and just see what He will do with you!

There is a brilliant picture hanging on the wall of your heart… and guess what… your sitting at peace on the edge of the cliff.


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