Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Happily Ever After isn’t a Fairy Tale; it is achievable the moment you allow God to take control, and use your marriage for His Glory alone.

I am thrilled to say beyond all expectations we are 8 years into this glorious marriage.

It’s hard work, it is blood, sweat and tears, and the complete giving of ones self. It is the hardest thing I believe you can ever do. It is the covenant that the enemy wants to destroy, and today I can say, “not this year buddy! ” Your enemy is prowling around seeking to destroy what God holds dear, and we stand fighting the current that says -failure is an option, -that it’s not that big a deal, -that we should be happy instead of committed, and we say, we will honor the Lord our God with our covenant, when everything is falling apart, when we aren’t always happy, when we are tired of being “married”, when we want our own way, when it just seems easier to quit; we will fight, we will not give in!

If you are struggling today, wondering if your marriage is worth it, please hear my heart cry! IT IS! It is precious to God. You fight not against your spouse but with an enemy who wants nothing more than your destruction, their destruction and the destruction of generations bound to the belief that it’s better to be happy than to glorify God with our covenant promises! He grafted us into His kingdom to walk with power and authority, speak LIFE over your marriage today. Celebrate, as the King celebrates- it’s a royal party and you and your spouse are invited! He who can and will do all things, will bless your marriage, He will bring to life what was dead, He will reconnect hearts long lost to bitterness and pain. He is able! If you are ready to give up, contact me, I will pray with you! I believe your marriage based on the word of God is sacred and that it has the power to set free other marriages long bound by marital “diseases”. You can do this, through His strength!



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