When I Grow Up…

I wanna be… ME!


This is me… the real me, who I don’t allow to come out very often. She is playful, sarcastic, inappropriately so sometimes and laughs obnoxiously- Truly, ask anyone. I do. It’s one of those laughs that turns into a snort. Really unattractive, I don’t know what my husband saw in it, but thank God he did!

Well anyway, I was searching the internet and kept running into the saying that Comparison is the Thief of Joy,  and I knew I wanted to talk about this! If you search around google for this phrase you can score some beautiful free printables, and read some incredible insight into many others who deal with the same issues.

I have read on so many blogs that I can not possibly know the number, about other women specifically, that constantly compare themselves.  What is it with us as women that says, “we have to look, have or be like anyone else!” Each of these incredible blog writers has said, “Enjoy being you”, “Stop Comparing”, but often I don’t know how to do those things! Do You?

Can you think back-for some of us it goes a little ways back, others, maybe its a bit more recent, but think of the first time you observed the person who you wanted to emulate.

I remember being young, very young, and wanting to be the lady at church who “had it all together”, she was a phenomenal singer, a stylish mom, married to a great guy who was the worship leader, with a great house and it was all I wanted to be. I wanted all of that and my young heart began it’s pitter patter journey to discomfort with simply being, “me”, as my creator desired me to be.

The truth, “I don’t even know who I am.” I know what I am, I am a believer in Jesus Christ who died that I may live and have eternal life with Him, I am His child, His creation and His bride. If that is all the knowledge I ever have in what I am, It will always be enough. The thing is, I think He expects more of me than that. He died. Seriously gave the ultimate sacrifice, not just in death, but existing here on this planet, leaving Heaven to come Here… really? Why would someone do that!!!!?????

Because of Love. . . Because; He is in Love with me. He loves me. He doesn’t love my dream of who I will be like, He doesn’t find me lacking in any area when He sees me, because He sees Himself. What a sight that must be. If I looked in the physical mirror and saw Jesus, whoa. I would freak out. Just keeping it real, but that is what He sees when He sees me.

The difficult lessons with this is, renewing my mind, saying to myself when I see incredible success from other bloggers, and people living their dreams… “Lord, continue to bless them for following you, for being a source of strength for others to look to. Continue to provide divine wisdom and ideas to help others live more simply, more organized and more fulfilled lives. Teach me to follow you and be your hands and feet and to be as vulnerable to potential pain as others are, so that the message of hope can be spread to every continent and nation. Let love be my motivation, not comparison, or envy.”

It isn’t always exactly that, but most often than not… that’s very close to it. See I know that He owns a cattle on a thousand hills, there is more than enough to go around for each of us.  I don’t have to envy what someone else has, because whatever it is that He has in store for me, is greater than my wildest imaginations and most incredible dreams. It is certainly better than trying to imitate someone else’s reality.

For all those hope filled bloggers out there who make such a difference in the middle of someones craziest, worst or drama filled week; THANK YOU. Your life makes a difference, and your gift through words and pictures is all some people need to escape what could be a wild reality for just a few moments, to give them the strength they need to tackle that obstacle or overcome that situation.




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