Christmas Tutorial- It’s Already in the Air!

2013-09-18_21.39.27.1I am one of those…. yep, the lady that decorates for Christmas at the end of October. I have found that it makes more sense to capture the season early, than to hold it captive until January. So although I put the tree up in October, I take it down typically the day after Christmas. I am in no way traditional in this, although my husband, definitely is! He dislikes beginning Christmas before Black Friday and ending it before New Years. I say, unless you are helping to put it up and take it down… you don’t get a say! 🙂

As we hit the 100 days until Christmas mark this past Sunday, well I had a hankering to begin Christmas gifts!

I found one of the most beautiful printables the other day and I decided to try my hand at turning it into a work of art!

Oh Holy Night (Free Christmas Printable) – AKA Design.  Check this site out anytime you are looking for something, new fun, or rustic. I have been impressed with their work and passion for what they do since I first glimpsed their site! Please respect their wishes if you use this printable and do not sell any products created from their hard work! They authorize personal and gifting uses! Thanks!

To Accomplish this fun activity that I allowed my 7 year old to assist with, you will want to go to AKA Designs and print their printable… backwards. I know it sounds crazy, but do it!

To make that change: (Normally that mean altering your printer settings/properties: Select Print from the Adobe Reader, select Printer Properties and a new box labelled _________ Properties will pop up. There are multiple tabs at the top select Advanced- under Mirror Image select Horizontal. Then Print.)

You will then use a Gel Medium- This can be a Modge Podge product or my personal favorite- Liquitex- With a Michaels Coupon for 40% off- this will cost you about $8 or less! It lasts for multiple photo transfers!


After your Photo is printed backwards you will need a surface to transfer the image to. I have done canvas transfers with success, however I have much more difficulty with the next steps because Canvas will “give” when pushed or rubbed! I enjoy doing this on ceramics and Wood. I am anxious to try the fabric transfer! This would definitely be worth attempting!

Canvas Examples- My Nieces-Adorable!

2013-02-01 07.14.34

Photo Transfer onto 3 2×4’s. I love it! It’s my favorite picture of them. It’s such a fun conversation piece.


I have been blessed to get wood planks about 10 inches wide and up to 7 feet long for FREE!

Check around some lumber yards, and ask what they do with scrap cuttings in your area!

To Start: Sand your wood lightly- You do not want splinters when finishing this project!

You can view the Easy Custom Canvas using Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. also from AKA Designs for that portion of this project. After you have so gently rubbed the paper off of the design, you are ready to add Modge Podge’s Shimmer. I love the gold. Although I think a silver with the white paint would be gorgeous!



Gently brush the shimmer onto the surface and watch it begin it’s transformation! When it’s dry add white paint to complete the outside framing of your board.


I did two styles one without the white washed out look like the above image and one with the white all over frosted effect below.


I plan on turning one of these into a entryway keyrack , scarf holder by adding hooks and the other into a mantle style decoration to match our Blue Christmas decorations at home!

AKA Designs- Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us!

What can you do with a fun Printable turned sign?!! Leave me a comment and let me know what you create with the generosity of others!




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