Bubba, Bub, Keith, Uncle Keiff, Friend.

My brother- my best friend since his birth.


We had some traumatic years in there… most when I was a bit more aggressive and a lot more of a bully than I then realized.

We have gone through some incredible situations and always made it through, most of the time with a hearty laugh at the end of it.

2012-11-30 22.15.22

I picked so terribly on him when we were younger that my dad used to warn me, ” One day he is going to be bigger than you.” I did not heed his wise advice.

The Day:

Was beautiful bright, and-

“oh, hey Keith… What’s up?”

Screaming begins, the high pitch girl kind… I am quickly overtaken by this boy turned man and am now in a battle for my life. I’m pinned and there is nothing I can do about it.

“Mom!!!! Mom!!! Tell him to get off.”

A truly loving moms response- “You had this coming.” as she walks back inside. Now that is a mom who has a great sense of justice.


As for him. You know the moments in Friends- for those of you who watched- (I will tell you a long story about the not watching: watching that will certainly give you a terrifying glimpse into my soul); where Ross and Monica still physically fight… here’s a glimpse…

Now the true life version of my brother and I….


My darling SIL just watches… she knows we are powerless against him- It’s ok Lindz, I know you have your hands full!

And if that wasn’t enough…


Yep-He Loves ME!!! If you ask him, he will say, “she’s a jerk”. He doesn’t really mean it… riiiggghht?

Keith has so many names, I couldn’t list them all, but I am going to try.

In order of their appearance.

1. Keith

2. Son

3. Bubba

4. Bub

5. Jerk- I say this in love

6. Skeeter- This happened in his teenage years (I don’t want to know)

7. Husband

8.Uncle Keiff- or Unc Keiff- when my children were born

2012-11-30 22.44.59

9. Daddy

10. Friend

Although this is a timeline of names it is true in its meaning. He is my best friend. By the grace of God we were born to share our lives, but by the beauty of choice, we choose to be friends.

This is our Momma… I know some people write it mama… but we say it “momma”, so I write it “momma”…

2012-11-30 22.15.09

I will have to spend an hour at least telling you about our mom… maybe Ill get Keith to partner with me on a post about her, so you get the whole truth! 😉 love ya momma!

We added another sibling in ’98 or “99, a wonderful young lady who as an infant became apart of our family. I babysat her for a little while and now at 15 with her learner’s permit she is taking the world by storm.


A few years ago Keith, Riley and I got another sister and a brother!

2012-11-30 20.33.14

Whitney and Wyatt have joined our family and they are as glad to have Keith as I ever was.

Even watching him become an adult sibling to 3 younger teens has been impressive.

Keith as a husband & father.

2012-11-30 22.12.31

When I grow up, I want to leave as big a legacy as my little brother. He is kind, generous, loving and most importantly, my brother; both Genetically and Spiritually.

I Love You Bub. I won’t tell them about that time… well you know… j/k!

Who is it in your family that you love and have a relationship with just because they are awesome, and someone that you would want to be a part of your life even if genetics had nothing to do with it!

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2 thoughts on “Bubba, Bub, Keith, Uncle Keiff, Friend.

  1. Mel and Keith it has been more of a blessing having you in my life than you will ever know,. I must be most blessed woman to call you MY Children well OKay God OUR Children. Thanks for all the memories!
    Mel you are a wonderful woman of word.

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