The Story of a Milk Cap


What a morning… There are some morning that catch me off guard. Even now, a couple years into getting the children ready for school, I still am amazed at their abilities to completely derail a morning! Lollygagging is a term not heard much anymore… I have professional Lollygaggers…

They are amazing.


Cash- “Mom, what am I wearing today?”

Me- “It’s picture day, the handsome shirt I put on the bed.”

Cash- “I don’t like that shirt.”

Me- “Get over it, put it on your body and get moving.”

Cash-“Mom can we have french toast?”

Me- “Are you kidding? We are running late, have a toaster strudel.”

Cash-“Mom please, that would make today a great day.”

AHHHHH…. and he has me, and worse, he knows it. Our sweet little girl, a truly mini me is steadily listing the reasons why French Toast isn’t a good idea today to him, and he is oblivious she is even speaking. More on her and how heart breaking it is to see her grab so many parts of me that I don’t want repeated later!

All of this would be avoided, if I would be a responsible grown up and wake up before my children. But, let’s be real, that’s not going to happen.

On the day of this photo- weeks ago- I forced the children to drink milk, something that they really don’t care to do. After I poured their milk, I happened to glance at the top and see a beautiful milk smile, and I thought, “Lord, you definitely have a sense of humor.”

His humor… it’s what keeps me going. Moments when I know He looks here to this tragic planet, and sees beauty where I see ash. Moments that He creates laughter in pain. Days of joy during a time of great turmoil.

Have you had Him do something as silly as allow milk to make a smile at you lately?

Leave a comment, I treasure hearing how God uses things to show He is with you!


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