Contact Paper- What Can’t You Do?

My husband bought our home in 2004. It was built between 1955-1957.

It has original; everything. Between layoffs (2 in 2 years) and 2 children (2 in the same 2 years) decorating was out of the question. We started with a very colorful slate. The walls in the den were lime green and not an attractive lime green. They were horrendous. The back den was wood paneling. Our Bathroom was baby blue… not paint, tile, and tub and toilet. Yep. The originals. . . Slowly but surely we are getting there.

I love to try the inexpensive tutorials I find online to spruce up our house.

I found this awesome tutorial from 7th House on the Left, You can see their incredible post with this exact design.

What You need-


Clear Matte Contact Paper (remember to outline on the paper side, not the pretty side of the contact paper!)

Rubbing Alcohol- to clean the glass

The Design Graciously offered by Greg and Ashley at 7th House on the Left

Patience (Tracing and cutting- the actual time putting it up goes rather quickly!)

Squeegee- I used the YUDU squeegee that we had at the house… use something to put pressure on as you release the contact paper or you will have bubbles as evidence in my kitchen window… but the time I got to the doors, I felt like a pro. Felt- not was… )



This is our Side Door at our driveway… It looks so pretty in the beautiful sunlight- unfortunately you are getting a picture before the sun is really up.. Sorry.


This door which is in need of a really cute knob, used to separate us from the outside world, but now just separates us from the Laundry Room. If you look closely you will see we aren’t exactly finished with the bottom row… So Easy!


This is our Kitchen Window which is incredibly see through right from the neighbors window. This has been such a fun way to save the light, but still maintain our privacy.

Try this out if you are looking for an under $5.00 project to add a little spice to your homes decor.

Check them out, they are always up to something! Thanks Greg and Ashley for being inventive and sharing your fun with others! I love my designed glass! 🙂




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