Our Family Banners

My husband is an athlete. I am learning that although I once was an athlete, I cheered, and did show choir- hold your snickers… have you ever tried to sing perfectly at a decibel loud enough to be heard an auditorium away while dancing rigorously… if not repent of your giggling.

My husbands version of being an athlete is a lifestyle. I am proud of him and his abilities to still push himself beyond his limits and conquer goals that he sets for himself physically. He is an inspiration to me. Our views are vastly different in regards to sports and as we are training our 6 & 7 year old in basketball right now; we struggle to find a middle ground.


That being said, I saw a great idea on Growing up Gardner, and although I have tweeked it slightly, I want to give credit to Amanda for her originality in this. Please view her tutorial for additional info and answers to questions as it is incredibly detailed.

I started with Wood Planks. Beautiful FREE wood planks!


Then I cut them down… with a big ‘ole saw!


Print your numbers- these are our dates of birth- I cut the year separate from the month and day so it would be more manageable as I copied!


The back of the numbers are the most important part… i used chalk as it was suggested, and it worked well…


After outlining the numbers in chalk, I pressed it down onto the board and then used a pencil to trace on top of the printed numbers to work the chalk into the wood.

2013-09-18_20.10.181I then painted the numbers in 1 color, let it dry and outlined it in another.

Then I sanded it down a bit for a more rustic look, and then painted a light coat of whitewash over the top to seal in the painted numbers and add a little depth to the design.

We hung these in our kitchen much like athletic banners in a school gym. I love these!





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