I have been anticipating this weekend for 2 months; or actually since I left last years event; Bridge Church’s Unveiled Conference.

Last years Uproar event was so much fun and it occurred at a difficult time in my life. This year I was psyched, a fun time at a great time in my life, and then life happened. I am fighting to stay on top today! My little guy gave me the guilt trip this morning for leaving him for 2 days.

Man, they pack a wallop! How can one little voice and such harmless words break a momma’s heart in two so easily. I think it’s a kid conspiracy. Someone is training these little guys! lol!  I know that this weekend is going to be instrumental in my life and my family. Opposition has been intense, and I know God is cooking something wonderful up!

I hope your weekend is full of adventure, life and the beginning of a beautiful fall season! Happy Pumpkin, Apple & Peach picking, along with picnics and laughter.

I’ll share what I glean from this weekends event next week, and hope to pass the inspiration I receive right back to you.




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