Too Good to be True?

Discount Gift Cards. Need I say more? 





No? Well, I am going to anyway!


I don’ t have a vocabulary large enough to tell you how much I love a discounted gift card.

When I first heard of these, I thought, “Too Good to Be True”.

They aren’t. It’s true! Insert sing songy voice.

Insert joy. Insert savings. Insert great decisions.

These are trustworthy sites, that I personally have used.

Example: I have a monthly $50.00 expense for prescriptions.

I can

  • a) Buy these at normal price $50.00
  • b) Take a coupon from the Prescription Manufacturer for 50% off
  • c) Buy a gift card at reduced price for my Pharmacy -currently CVS is 8% off
  • d) Do Option b & c

I am now getting my prescription for $23.74 (because the card is worth $25.81).

Over the course of a year I will be spending roughly: $300 without Gift Cards or $284.88

You may think 15.12 is not worth going to the hassle of buying gift cards, I do.

If I do this in other areas of my life, use patience vs. instantaneous, I will learn to exercise greater control, better spending habits and greater savings.

Now we have saved 15.12 a year.

Say you have a big home project, and you know Lowe’s is the only store you will use, or for this demonstration you may use only Home Depot.

Lowe’s is currently at a 7% discount & Home Depot an 8%.

We needed to build a shed not long ago and it was going to cost about $10,000…

We bought the gift cards and because we bought these in bulk… an option through either Card Pool or ABC Gift Cards, we got the initial 7% + 3%… and ended up getting our shed for $9000.00 Maybe saving a $1000.00 isn’t a big deal to you… for me… ah…bliss.

money in a pocket

Michaels and Joanns my crafty friends have incredible cards. Michaels has a whopping 21% off. If you need glue, school supplies for your children, yarn, paint, picture frames, etc. you are able to use their generous 40-50% off coupons and a gift card for an additional 21% off.

To top it off, they have electronic and Mobile gift cards as well as physical. Want to go see a movie, get a Fandango electronic gift card, the code to enter to purchase your tickets online comes within 24 hours. I have never had it take more than 2 hours to have it delivered but be aware they advise 24 hours. Now I get popcorn and a drink at no extra cost to me!  🙂

Can you beat that? Old Navy anyone? JcPenny’s? Target, Olive Garden? Restaurants? There are so many options available to you!

Be a good steward today, plan ahead, budget out your money and save anywhere you can!

Many Blessings!



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