It’s here… I think

Fall… Virginia Fall. See the gorgeous sunset yesterday… it doesn’t do justice to the artwork God did in the sky last night!

fall clouds 3


Here in Virginia the weather seems to change as often as I blink my eyes. The problem with this is… it should be fall. Right now. The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees, there is cold rain coming down (one of my favorite things) and if I go into my imagination just a tad, I can smell apple cider cooking on the wood stove at my moms house. Yum Yum!!!

fall clouds 2
The weather could change back tomorrow, although I hope it doesn’t. It’s about 57 degrees today, and Cash wanted to wear shorts. I was seconds from ordering him to change into jeans, and then it hit me. “Who is it hurting?” He is hot natured, so he will sweat, then get grumpy because he will feel yucky, and the situation will go downhill. I ordered him to add a jacket to his wardrobe which he happily did and now he is probably at school perfectly comfortable since the ac and heat unit must be battling for the perfect temp.

fall clouds
What season are you in? Which one are you waiting for?!!!
If you don’t live in Virginia, I am sure that you have odd weather as well. What’s it like in your neck of the woods? Coats and scarves? Bathing suits? T-shirts, just a long sleeve, or snow boots? Let me know below!


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