Is Your House In Order?

I have been spending some time really contemplating what my life purpose is. I am finding that I am overwhelmed with my home- which isn’t a large home by any means, and all of the stuff in it. I do crafts and that tends to accumulate multiple types of supplies, and other than being numerous they take up so much space. I have seen some amazing ways to organize supplies, but most often find you have to spend money to do that! We are working on getting our finances in order. There is a theory that some of us hold as truth, and we are being re-awakened to that truth. money growth

It is God’s. All of it. Every dime I spend is His. Have I been a good steward- No. Do I want to be? Deeply. I want to know that I utilized all He gave me to bring freedom to those in bondage, whether, physical, spiritual or cultural. I see the ME, ME, ME, I, I, i, (That last one was on purpose don’t send me an email! :)) culture that we live in and it is brain washing- not officially, but inundating us that we have to build credit from the moment we can apply for a credit card, and then it’s a downhill spiral out of control. This is so dangerous not only to us, but to our children. What legacy can we leave when all they have seen from us, is broke busted and disgusted. So worried about making enough money to live for us, and all we “should” have.

We were created for MORE! So much more! If we were out of debt, what could we do to advance the Kingdom on the earth? If we viewed each dollar we spent as His, would we eat out so often? Would we continue to accept a $180 a month cell phone bill so that we can play games and have access to everything all the time, while a family down the street can’t buy groceries. I am not talking about people who choose to live off of the system. Let’s be realistic, some people have never known any life but that.

Other people have suffered moments of temporary tragedy and need assistance getting back up. They need a hand up. How different would our world look if we as Christians actually looked like we have a dad who has a cattle on a thousand hills? If it seemed that we have a heavenly father who will give us every good and perfect thing? Who wouldn’t want to know more about Him? How many marriages could be saved if finances were not only under control but in order.

Imagine your house paid off by the time you are 35-40? It IS a possibility. It is hard. It will be difficult. It is not easy to go against the grain. It is hard, but wouldn’t it be worth it, to have 5 years of uncomfortable getting whatever you want living to propel you into your dream life. A life that The Lord can control, when He can tell you to bless someone with $1000.00 and you CAN, without fear of missing a payment. What if you drove a beat up car for a few years to double your mortgage payments?

What if you never financed another thing, but paid in cash? What if the church body gets uncomfortable so that it can be realigned with the head? If we are proportionate. What if we can start adopting children who don’t have homes or families, because we realized it isn’t about us, but it’s about Him and obeying His commands.

How I am looking forward to the day that my what if, becomes His, “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.

Dave Ramsey at  & Bob Lotich at have incredible resources, ideas and programs to help you begin taking control of your life again and laying it back on the alter. Give it to God and he will give it back to you, “pressed down, shaken together, and running over!”

What are some ways your family has cut back in order to realign with His priorities! Leave a note!




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