67 Days…

It’s Friday! Celebrate! Yay!

I am a Christmas nut. Really. My decorations typically go up at the end of this month, yes that is October. I have no fall decorations, although it is my favorite season.



Our Family Many Christmases Ago at Busch Gardens Williamsburg- If you have a chance go to Christmas Town it’s like being transported into a Christmas Painting, with coffee!~

I love it, love it, love it!  Black Friday is a month away.

YAY!!! I go shopping with my whole family… well just about. We take a few vehicles, and pile in, get coffee, and we start (Thanksgiving evening) Yes I know it’s terrible for those who work it, but I have to tell you, we have had some incredibly chipper pleasing associates help us or check us out. They aren’t gripping, they are smiling and it makes the trip so much fun. We normally get home between 7-9. We know that the deals aren’t as low as they may go, although quite a few are, and that the lines are long, and the people are crazy, but it’s such a lovely time. Last year we had my mom, step dad, my brother and sister in law, my cousin and his bride, and myself. It’s a perfect sized group, we are able to split when needed to swap stores and purchase for each other items, stand in a special ticket item line and get everything we needed.

Do you have a black friday tradition? If not… get one! 🙂

I was thinking about Christmas gifts the other day and I am disgusted by the greed my children alone have gained. They have multiple sets of grandparents, and a large family. Last year they actually- true story- had over 101 gifts after Christmas was over. They had no appreciation for any of it. We have handed the majority over to goodwill, or those in need. What they did keep either got thrown away because it was a mess everywhere or put in bins because it’s too much for a child to be responsible to clean.

This year- insert new system- one gift per grandparents home. PERIOD. No if’s and’s or buts. Our children have bank accounts for college that we have asked people to give to instead of buying toys that aren’t played with, thrown away or given away. We encourage people to invest in their future! Don’t throw away your money! The accounts are in our children’s names, we don’t need the money, but over time secured well, they will gain interest and have money to begin their adult lives, preferably out of debt!

So we sit with 67 days to Christmas, and begin to contemplate projects for homemade gifts, so many ideas flowing in my mind, on how to use what we have and re-purpose it stylishly to benefit someone else and not impact our get out of debt budget.

2013-02-12 18.18.03

The only time we take pics as a family-yep, we will have a new one soon!

How will you give this year? Do you have a large family? Any great ideas for our readers for gifts, or occasions? Share in the comments! We would love to hear from you!




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