Let the Children say, “Lord, Lord!”

I really enjoy BibleGateway.com They are an instant inspiration to me, because it is the word of God speaking to me.

I don’t know about you, but I can spend time reading Proverbs and read the same verses over and over, but on specific days when I read them I am entranced by their message. Today, this is Biblegateways Verse of the Day.

A person finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word! Proverbs 15:23 NIV

I have a travelling mind, so it goes everywhere when I am reading and pulls things to memory that maybe have been gone for a while. A long while. I remember in my “lost” phase- it really was like I was stranded on an island when I walked away from my life, my family and friends couldn’t get to me, and I had grown toward the natives in my new land. I can remember when I was finally getting ready to swallow my pride- a whole watermelon sized knot in my throat, that all I wanted was to get my baby girl into church. That was about 8 years ago. She was between 8-9 months, and I was pregnant with our little guy. I knew I was responsible for them. It was up to me.

“If you return to the Lord, then your fellow Israelites and your children will be shown compassion by their captors and will return to this land, for the Lord your God is gracious and compassionate. He will not turn his face from you if you return to him.” 2 Chronicles 30:9

I am certain that this verse has nothing to do with what I am using it for. Truly. I read it though and I am reminded when I was lost that I wanted so desperately for someone to tell me, that the Lord still loved me, that His hand was still upon me, that my purpose was alive, that Hid heart still beat for me, and that nothing- no thing- could separate me from His love. My mistakes were many. More than I can count, Mostly things that make me shudder even now when I remember.

Then the Lord allowed me to marry Tim. I loved him much, he was a precious friend to me, and I realized that sometimes the Lord allows us to make decisions simply so we become usable. I needed the flaws, a marriage that wouldn’t be cookie cutter, so I could reach other people who aren’t living the fairy tail they believed they were promised.

I thought marriage was going to be this grand thing that ended with me being happy. Happily ever after and all that jazz. Then I quickly learned that marriage is what I make it. I can spend every day berating my husband for not being that dream I had as a child, or I can make a choice to love him every day and every moment as my creator loves me. I can point out all of his faults for the world to see and still I will be left with my own flaws and imperfections pointing right at me. I must be the one who brings change, and I can do it with a heart of love or disappointment. I certainly can not still be the image he had when he chose me. I have changed so much throughout our time together and yet he makes a choice to love me, and love on me everyday, in little ways that I can easily overlook or cherish.

Our children brought out incredible differences within us. Our parenting styles. Our values, our commitment to activities, or sporting events. Our two worlds merging into something quite twisted, and leaving a minefield for our children to walk through. W e have a choice to make. Will we give an apt reply to one another in these times or a timely word. I want to give an apt reply… “appropriate or suitable in the circumstances” or I can give a timely word- “done or occurring at a favorable or useful time; opportune”.

They seem like they are the same- both good. But really, is it best to give a word that is suitable for the circumstance or one that is opportune, at a favorable time? I can say the same thing to Tim, but my timing is everything.

“Tim, It would be great if you could call the bank and ask them to close our account before Friday”.

Scenario one, We are eating dinner and I glance at a bill laying on the counter and remember that we need to close our additional bank account to avoid any yearly fees. I bring it up in the middle of the conversation he is having with the children. He is annoyed, and responds negatively.

Scenario two, We are alone, I ask when it’s a good time to talk with him about our week and some things that need to be done by the weekend. He responds with a time, we are able to have a productive chat about our home, family and schedule.

The Lord advised us to be wise with what we say and the timing with which we say it. He placed us over our children and advised us to grow them up in Him. To teach them His ways, His plans and His commandments. When I do that I lead them to a life of fullness, joy and eternity. That is my responsibility. They are my responsibility.

When I chose to come back to myself- to come back to the Lord, my creator and Savior; I felt the burden of their responsibility. The world is the captor of my children, if I show them the ways of the Lord, and I turn back to Him, then my children are able to turn to Him, and He will look upon my children.

We are now working with out children on solid decisions for Christ. I have gone back and forth, I think my children knew and loved the Lord at the capacity that they could until recently. I am getting questions know that are provoking thought and even concern in me as a mother. I am so desperate for them to know the Lord, that I will never be separated from them, but more that they would never be separated from the love of the Lord that drew me back to where He was.

I know they will go through life circumstances and they will have to make decisions that impact eternity. I want them to know the Lord, to know Jesus as their Savior as their father and not just their creator. The captor of their hearts right now tends to be a television show, a book, a lego, a barbie. I so strongly desire that they would be drawn at a young age to the arms of the Lord.

Will you pray with me over our children today- yours and mine, young or old.

ladies prayer

“Lord, we thank you for every good and perfect thing that comes from you. Your mercy, your love, your grace and truth in our lives. Your forgiveness and the washing of our sins until we from blood appear as snow. Would you join with us in intercession for the hearts of our children. We give them back to you, as you gave them to us to nurture, love and care for. We desire that they know and love you, follow you and obey your commands all of the days of your life. You look not at age, but at the hearts before you. I pray that they will be found free of blemish or stain. Teach us to pray for them and encourage them as they walk toward you. Let your hand not depart from them. Let your mighty strong arm hold them tightly within the shadow of your wings. Let the anointing you have for them fall now, that they would harness your power and use it for your glory. Deny others the ability to speak down or against their age as they demonstrate your works. Let them lay hands on the sick and see them healed. Let them dream dreams, and see visions of your works, and your hand in the earth. Let them bring the Kingdom of Heaven here, but more than any of those things, let them call you, “Lord, Lord. My Savior, my redeemer.” Let them look to you and their names be recorded in the book of life. We give you all the praise and all the glory, forever. Amen!!!!!!”





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