My Son is Now My Brother!!!-

Get your minds out of the gutter people!


(If they were. I am gonna be honest- mine would have been with an opener like that!)

Cash accepted the Lord yesterday as His personal savior! He understood. He got it! I have been praying for his heart to be tender to the leading of the Lord, and yesterday, was the day. He asked a few more questions. I asked for a lot of explanations, about what he was doing, what it meant, what happens next. Who died, why? Who is that? What does that mean for you? etc.

I probably asked too many questions, but he understood the gravity of the situation. His sister, bless her soul, wanted to pray it too, but she was very giggly and Cash quickly explained that this was “serious business”. ” This isn’t something you laugh at”.  We were in our truck driving down the road as this was taking place. I grabbed my cell phone and hit record, just in time. My wonderful brother is trying to edit the sound to make it more clear. It’s a bit garbled right now, but I wanted him to have it. Him speaking to God so that when he is older, and the path becomes less clear, and far more treacherous he will be reminding himself, that the Lord his God, is with him. Forever.

He prayed the first prayer and felt a need to go back and say some more things to the Lord. It was AWESOME. My Mom heart was overflowing with joy, that I will never be separated from him. He is now my brother and I anxiously await the incredible adventure the Lord has for him in this life. Your children are never too young, they are just the right age to come to the Lord with the one quality they have that we can’t re-create: child-like faith. They believe He is who He says He is, and He says, “Call me, I AM”.

uggghhh… gulp- “Yes Sir!”


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