Peter Pan to the Rescue

Our children’s school does a Fairy Tale Parade for the 1st graders every year. What I love about this is that its the perfect age, where they still kinda believe the Fairy Tale’s are true, but they have stopped admitting it. Fear has begun in their young minds, that someone would laugh, or tell them they were foolish, or in some way invalidate what they believe.

Last year Loralei went as Rapunzel. So sweet walking down the hall waving with her hand low at her side, so she didn’t draw any attention. It was a lot of fun to see them last year. This year it’s Cash’s turn and he chose to be Peter Pan. Like his dad, he would love to be able to fly. They are required to write a summary of why they chose the character and then have to present their report in costume. After everyone is ready they begin the trek down the hall. The entire school lines the halls for this event and they oohhh and ahh over each child’s costume.

Of allll the fabrics I have, green- plain green was not among them; paper grocery bags it is. With some trial and error, a blow dryer, paint, scissors and a hot glue gun, Peter Pan was formed. It was made for one use, so as it left the house, I acknowledge that after 4 hours of sweat, it was not coming back the way it left, and I am ok with it. For once. 🙂

peter1.jpgHere he is last night- he is wearing a red long sleeve shirt in this pick- but he will not be today! He looked a bit like an elf with a funny hat last night!

Peter2.jpgCash- “Mom, you are coming right? You came to Lala’s Parade, I saw you.”

Me-“I am going to do everything I can to come see you.”

Cash- “Ok…” Shuffling his feet with a disappointed face.

Me- Heartbroken, wishing I could be at everything, each event they are ever a part of, and feeling like such a failure as a mom. If you work, do you ever feel like that? I know I am providing for them, but I want to do more than that. I want to be there, I want the school employees to know me by name, to call when they need things so I can fulfill a need. For now, I have to trust that the Lord is moving on my behalf in their lives when I am not there. I am unable to keep breath in their little bodies, but He is able. I can’t be in the school all day everyday, but He is. Even though He isn’t wanted there by so many, I am comforted with the knowledge that He is there! He is walking up and down the hallway and speaking life over them. He is softly whispering to those who haven’t awakened to His goodness and mercy yet, “I love you, I see you. You have value. You were made for more. You have a purpose.” Ahh… peace, overwhelms me as I type that. He is the God of all, He is there. I hope I can teach my children that; He is there, when I am not, He sees you score the goal when I do not. He sees you pick up your friends books, or more, your enemies books when they drop them. He sees you worship in the quiet of your bedroom and He sings over you, with you. He is there, at all times, because you invited Him in. When you accepted Him, you got all of Him, I AM, Comforter, Healer, Prince of Peace, Jehovah Jireh, Holy Spirit, Savior, Jesus, Creator, Life Sustainer, Redeemer. He is all of those things, at all times of every day.

When I go to see Peter Pan stroll down the hall in Cash style, I know that there beside Him walks one we do not see, but one who indeed rescues the lost, and when they are found- they forever belong.






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