The Story of Eve

I have been mesmerized by a telling of the story of Eve; Havah: The Story of Eve by Tosca Lee is incredible.


Incredible. I love reading, I always have, I remember hiding with a flashlight under my covers every night after the lights were supposed to go out.  I stopped reading so often as my children have grown older and need me in different ways than before. They need help with homework and activities, someone to play with and create with, so my personal time has suffered. Reading has always been able to whisk me away to another place, another time, to joy or happiness, when none was to be found. I was at an automotive shop waiting on my vehicle to be fixed and I grabbed my trusty Nook, that on an off chance was in my purse, probably placed there by children who like to have something available for their entertainment and I stumbled onto a book I hadn’t yet read, one that was downloaded probably a year ago.

I began reading and it was 6 Chapters later that I looked up and realized I have read for a good hour straight. This book moved me, physically, mentally, emotionally, I felt different upon reading the words of a woman seen in Scripture as the reason for the fall of man. A woman rarely given compassion by even those of us who are in the faith. We don’t have forgiveness for her, we see her in the worst light, and although Tosca Lee took certain liberties in her writing, using her imagination and talent to create a beautiful work of art.  Her descriptions of Eve, and Adam, and the passion God intended for a man and his wife is glorious in it’s descriptions.

I felt a renewed love for my husband and know that the Lord used this expression of love in words to show me something I had long forgotten. I am HIS, and I am his. I am theirs. They share responsibility of me, and I share responsibility with God on the way that I handle my husband, the Honor I show him, and the commitment we together made to live our lives together for the glory of God.

A beautiful excerpt:

-“He whispered. “I was aware of it always. I wondered whether I could understand the evil. I pondered the death. I called on the One who whispered to my heart, and he denied me nothing, but in my loneliness I longed for more.

One day as I wandered through the reeds–the very place where I first lifted my head–I saw it.” His eyes were shining as he said it, dark blue, the color of lapis from the hills of Havilah. “A footprint, a man’s– but not my own.” Tears slipped from his eyes, and the look upon his face was filled with longing.

“I ran along the bank, crying out, wanting nothing more than to touch that foot, to touch that hand. But even as I did it, I hear a voice saying, I Am, Adam. I Am! I fell down on my knees. It was the first pang of loneliness I had ever known, and it was as acute and sharp as any craving for food or sun or sleep or bliss as I have ever experienced. It came again, like a whisper: I Am.”

He wiped his face with the back of his hand. When he spoke again, his voice broke.

“But when I got up, I could not find the footprint again, though I looked for it all day. I only wanted to touch it. To touch it again–” He lowered his head. After some time he said, “That night as I lay down, I gazed at the stars, at the very ones you love to trace in the sky with your finger when you think I am sleeping, and cried out my plea to God. That night, the fingers of sleep pulled with long and sweet clutch, stroking me into unconsciousness. I heard in my soul: It is not good for you to be alone. It was voiced with the greatest compassion, the most full understanding… the most lovely benevolence and love.

Such love!

“I slept in the grip of that love, comforted, thinking I should forget my longing within it, knowing that all was somehow well.” He laid a finger against my cheek. “In the morning, when I stirred, I knew.” His fingers fluttered against my cheek as one touches a thing so delicate as a dream, fearing it might break. “I knew I lay here in my own flesh, but not alone.”

How lovely were the tears of the adam! How beautiful his face because of them, how poignant and masculine at once as they dropped to his cheek and fell upon his lips! He kisses me in mimicry of the first exhale of the One against his mouth. And I heard again his words that first morning and felt again his elation, not from the past, but made new in his heart.

At last! Flesh of my flesh!

I knew then he was as much mine as I was his, that he loved me with every fiber, having longed for me before he knew me or that I might ever exist. As the adam buried his head in my hair, my heart cried out at the extravagance of love and the humility and gratitude for which there were not, nor ever have been, words.-

Is that not beautiful? Gorgeous words and the picture of it brings me into the garden, seeing Eve and Adam find each other in the presence of a Holy God. Being loved so much that He wouldn’t keep Adam to himself. He created a lover, a beautiful woman that Adam would be drawn to, that would be the completion of this man. His God and his woman. Beautiful.

Cherish your spouse today, as though it was the first time you saw them as the provider of the rib it took to create you. The way Eve saw Adam, completely hers, and knowing she was created for him. As Ms. Lee says it, “In the beginning there was God, but for me, there was Adam.” runs great deals on these incredible books in hardcopy and digital editions. Check this out.




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