Elsie the Elf!


The Elf on the Shelf is back in full force! This year he brought a friend.


ELSIE the Elf


Loralei was so excited all I heard was squealing, and a quick, “MOM!!!! Come here!”

She has always loved our plain boy Elf on the Shelf, and although he can be quite naughty, mostly he is loving towards the children and encourages them with notes, and candy… I wanted them to be able to continue the tradition with their own families one day, so I made the decision to invest in a she-Elf.

Loralei ran to Tim with both Elves in her hands, and we shared a fun joke that the elf would have to go back. Of course Elsie was able to stay with us and we decided to make her some clothes!

I guess tonight I will have to make some boy clothes so Cash’s Elf won’t be naked… 🙂

Do you do the Elf? What are some creative situations your Elf has been in?




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