The Giving Theme… This Christmas

This year, we are handling Christmas completely differently.

When Loralei was born, she was the first grandchild on each side of the family. Cash of course followed before the next Christmas.

Remember that each side for us is broken down as

1. My Mom and My Stepdad (one who passed) and then she remarried- their families


My Mom and Ted

Miss Him so much.

Miss Him so much.

2. My dad- his family

My Dad

My Dad

3. Tim’s Mom- her family

My Mother In Law

My Mother In Law

4. Tim’s Dad and His wife (who passed)- their families

My Father In Law

My Father In Law

We both gained nieces on our respective sides within 2 weeks of each other a couple of years later and then an additional niece and now a new nephew is coming. That is just between us and our siblings.Needless to say that with each grandparent supplying their gift, each aunt and uncle, each cousin on my side, and then Santa, and any other person who find my children enjoyable, they have forgotten and dare I say, never seen the true gift of Christmas.

Right now, they rip open a gift and run to the next one, no appreciation for the gift in their hand as they fling it to the side. It sickens me. I had more than most children, I know that now, as an adult. I was blessed. Not only with great parents who taught and encouraged me to live God’s word, but with security, a home, food, heat and ac. Things I have realized not everyone has. We are striving this year to change some things. I desire to grow my children in many ways, but especially in seeing the needs of others before their own wants. 

We have given a mandate to grandparents. One gift. Period. Last year our children received 101 gifts. That is not an exaggeration, but an exact count. Our home is not that big, we live on the simpler side, and when 101 gifts are in the floor, and walked on, under appreciated, while a children goes without food in this world, I have a problem. I am concerned at a society that deems that ok, or worse, normal. It is abnormal according to the word of God to live in abundance without appreciation for what God has given you. If you are receiving more than you can be appreciative for, then His plan must be for you to give.

The grandparents all kind of looked at us like, “What”? Yep even you mom! 🙂

But I know they get it. They are just givers and they love to give to our children, and shower them with things they know they will enjoy. I do too. I wish I could buy Cash every LEGO ever created, that he could build houses as big as ours. I wish Loralei could have her own nursery for her babies in our house, so she could love on them all day long; but it’s not realistic, I have to prepare them for a world that doesn’t give anything, but takes everything. That is my role, and if they are learning that if they want it they get it, I am missing the mark. They should know what it is to appreciate being healthy. They should walk down the halls of an orphanage, or a hospital and realize that what God has done for them is far more than a room full of presents they forget they ever received. Christmas is one day, an important day, a glorious day, one I love preparing for, but the reason for that day, is not my house full of presents, its children who have an opportunity to rejoice in heaven with the King of Kings, because He sent His son to this earth to be born of a virgin, to live a lowly life as a carpenter’s son when he was a royal prince, The Royal Prince, who then would choose to die and sacrifice His life for mine, not to spoil my children, but to teach them to sell all of their belongings and follow Him. His price was too high for Christmas to become a day full of throwing wrapping paper away and running from one house to another. It should be a revered time, in the presence of the most high God as we say Thank You, for coming, for dying for me to live a life worthy of being used by You. It should be more than a sweet child turning into a greedy child in the span of 24 hours. Off on my soapbox I go…

That being said, Tim was talking with a co-worker about this phenomenon and they explained their system. I have not researched this on the web-at all, so if you have heard it before, sorry to give you old info, but it fit us this year.

They said they give each child 4 gifts.

1. To Wear

2. To Read

3. A Want

4. A Need

I thought that summed it all up. I would have to assume that Santa if he is involved takes care of the want. But what a joy to teach our child these things. I would like the “To Read” to be a Bible each year… You say… “why would a child need that many Bibles?” Because we as Christians, shouldn’t be holding onto them so tightly, we should be finding people in need of the Word and supplying them with it, at no cost to them. What a legacy that would be. When my children are 35 to look back and think, I have never had a Bible more than a year. How many lives could be changed, by giving someone something to read.

Merry Christmas- a month and a half early. I love you. He does too.




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