Serve ’em!

You all may have been noticing some changes with the appearance of the site… I am doing some Technical Interior Decorating. I haven’t found something that really shows me, who I am, or what I love, so be patient with me, please?

At some point over the next few days the address will be at the top of the page! Yay! Very exciting and I am hoping to have the site redesigned  by the first of the year. You all probably don’t care about it nearly as much as I do, but since I care… you get to read about it!

Last night our children competed in their first Basketball Championship. It was awesome. They didn’t score, they haven’t ever at this point, but what they did do, was play fair, work hard and pursue a sport that they felt they couldn’t play, until the teamwork they displayed pushed them into a Championship, that they indeed, won. It was wonderful. To sit on the sideline and cheer when our children were on and off the bench. It is thrilling to watch your little ones go beyond what they thought they could do, to see their confidence build more each day and their father smile the smile at them that only he can give; with meaning, only he could  express.


We are a basketball family, mostly due to the love of the game my husband swept me into. I have found ladies, that if they- your husbands- love it, you should at least attempt to love it too. He loves that I enjoy watching Kentucky (Go Wildcats!) play, and that March Madness is as fun for me as it always was for him. He learned many things over the course of his Basketball Career; some I agree with, and some that I don’t agree with. Mostly things like, losing isn’t an option… quitting isn’t an option… it isn’t just a game. Needless to say, I disagree with all of those things, even while I agree with- teamwork being essential in every area of your life, playing fair and respecting your coaches and leaders. There is a balance.

I can’t speak for your home, but in mine, I have crafts all over the house, most of the time, I create alone, which to be perfectly honest, I loveeeee. There are days though that Tim attempts to show me how much he loves me by sitting in the kitchen floor when I am busy working on a project. When I am really wrapped up in a project it can take standing right in front of me, doing jumping jacks to pull me away from the sewing machine, until of course, he walks in with my favorite treat; a fountain Dr. Pepper from 7-11.  Those little moments of him showing me his love for me, well they make ever second of hearing him tell the players on the tv, who can’t hear him at all, “stop bringing the ball down low, your going to turn it over”, 12 times in the same 2 hour game- completely worth it.

Does your spouse love football? Do they like to read? What gives them the peace they need in life, time alone, time with you, the children, playing a sport, serving in a ministry? Whatever they love to do, with or without you, make it your goal this week to do it for them. To serve them in the way that they most receive love.

Be Lovable today!




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