Giving Thanks


20 Things I am thankful for:

1. My Savior; Jesus

2. My Husband

3. My Children

4. My Families- All Sides

5. My In Law’s

6. Air Condition on a Summer Day

7. Heat on a Winter Day-or in Virginia A Fall Day

8. My Job

9. Technology

10. Children’s Ministry

11. Working Vehicles

12. My Home

13. Christmas Music

14. Christmas Movies

15. Our Good Health

16. Creativity

17. This Site

18. Clothes from 15 years ago being in style again (since i still have them)

19. That those clothes still fit

20. That food holidays are rapidly approaching

and a Bonus: Being born in America, and having the freedom to worship my God anywhere and anytime I choose.

More Blessings than you can count to you and yours,



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