Who will you be?

This is the time of year, you are once again surrounded by your family and friends, your loved ones, many who have known you all of your life. They know the good, the bad and the ugly. Seeing them and preparing to see them reminds you of who you were, maybe not who you have become.

I can relate to that from days gone by, struggling to figure out who I was, and living it out in front of the people who always knew me best. I luckily had a family who has accepted me at every turn and loved me right where I was. That has been a gift. Not everyone has that; especially, if you are new Christian returning to a secular family. Some helpful advice, that you can take or leave…

1) Pray for softened hearts

2) Pray that without you telling them, that they realize something is different

3) Don’t chastise them, if they aren’t ready to hear about God’s love for them, don’t push them away

4) Love on them, big time

5) Don’t back away from the new you, you don’t have anything to be ashamed of, you are a new creation

6) “I’m not into that anymore”, will suffice for almost anything you have turned from in your new walk, along with the phrase, “it just doesn’t work for me” is a valid and true reason- because most of the time they want a reason

7) Pray that they will engage with you about that reason later, in private

8) If God tracked you down, He is able and ready to track them down

9) Smile- look like you have Jesus on the inside- he was a fun guy-sinners and children loved Him

10) Enjoy these precious moments with your family, don’t engage in a heated discussion- let the argument drop-If you don’t argue your side, they won’t need to continue arguing and accelerating their side-Jesus came to bring us together, not to rip us apart

11) The last- There are some people in your life, that you may not have seen for awhile that represent some terrible times from your past, some of those people may still engage in sinful behaviors that you don’t engage in anymore, if you don’t feel you are strong enough to walk away, don’t go; it doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are strong, and the Lord sees you, and will guide you; if you ask Him

Enjoy your Holidays- Have safe travels, I pray this holiday those you love will come to know the One you love.





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