Joy… From Deep Down

What would it be like to have the kind of joy that has you brimming over during the most stressful day of your life?


I contemplate that sometimes, because while I have Joy, I don’t seem to have overflowing, bountiful joy. I really want it. I have met some people, who never seem to have a bad day, but I know they do. I know they deal with the same things I do, so what makes them different.

We both have the love of the Lord flowing within us, we both have faith that He can move mountains, that He has already and that He will continue too. So what is it? I have walked through hellish days, I have seen Him heal beyond what I could have imagined. I have been a part of His incredible ministry and seen the light bulb go on for children as they learn about Him. What am I missing?

I am finding that every day I am lacking the moments with Him that He so desires. Throughout the day, I am able to have little moments with Him. To just say Hi, and I love you, and hey, yeah, thanks for sending your son to die for me… but am I doing that? Is that the difference. Is the time I spend with Him just not enough to fulfill my inner being? Is it only enough to get by? Could He withhold that extra portion of Joy just because I didn’t pursue Him as He pursues me?

I pray that we experience the true joy of the Lord. I can see the world; changed. Because we feel joy unspeakable, because we look happy, because we as Christians are meeting the need and smiling while we do it.

Join me in seeking His face, for just a moment more each day. He is worth it, isn’t he?




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