~Biblical Parenting~

I have been on a journey over the last 8 years to be the best parent I can be.OK


If you were raised in the church, just about any kind of church, that taught Jesus as the Messiah, God’s son, sent to earth to be born to the virgin Mary, raised by Mary and Joseph, on a compassion filled crusade to turn the World back to His father, despite the physical and emotional pain of humbling himself to humanity, He sacrificed himself to die a sinner’s death, though He was perfect on a cross, and rose again as He indicated to give us the option to have eternal life with Him… if you came out of that kind of church, even if you walked away for a few days, months, years, you came back after you had children… WHY? I ask myself this question all of the time. I knew after my daughter was born, I had to suck up my mess, my pride, my sin and go back to a place that reminded me that although I sin, I am loved by the King, and that I am RESPONSIBLE for the way I raise my children.

Lamentations 2:19

Rise during the night and cry out.
Pour out your hearts like water to the Lord.
Lift up your hands to him in prayer,
pleading for your children,

Scary, isn’t it?

What I say to them, what I allow into them, and what in turn comes out of them, it’s all on me. I don’t believe I will be punished, but I want a legacy of Christ Followers. I can’t have that if I choose the world’s standard for raising my children. I have to use the Bible as a manual/ a handbook for how we should handle ourselves, to train us in decision making, for stewarding the blessings the Lord gives us, to educate our children to have a love and fear of the Lord. He is the God of the universe, He is greater than the Superhero’s our children are worshiping on T.V., He is the One who saw you before time began, who saw them before they were created. While He is also Love, He is Holy! If our children do not have a healthy and appropriate fear of the Lord they will adapt to the World’s standard instead of the Holy word of God.

I really enjoyed this message shared by Pastor Stan Grant at Cloverhill Assembly of God in Midlothian, Va.

I hope you will listen and be blessed, that the Lord would begin showing you areas in your parenting that you can improve. I am praying the same thing over myself. I desire for my children to know Him and walk with Him all the days of their lives. What will your legacy be? Will your children be a part of the expected 4% generation that will believe and serve the Lord, or will they be the ones that raise that percentage and begin growing the Kingdom again by the standard set by the Lord of Lords?




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