Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I will be so full, I may need to wear some Pajamas to church on Sunday.

sweet potato


Praying God’s blessing on you this Holiday season, may you eat well, laugh often, and smile as m
uch as you can. Be praying as well, I saw a woman in the grocery store Tuesday and she was buying some things, and a lot of wine. Anything off about that in the grocery store, nope. Then someone asked her how she was doing this year, and if she was ready for the Holidays. She said she couldn’t wait for it to just be over. Immediately I was impressed with a moment with God. She had lost someone very valuable to her. I could tell. I don’t know if it was to death, or to life without her, but it was pain, and it was tangible.

So many people are hurting this season, and they don’t know what it is to have their hope in the Lord. Be lifting them up. They need a kind and gentle word, a card, a text, a little call that says, “I see you, and you have value. This too shall pass, the Lord has not lifted His hand from you”.

Would you go that one extra step today, and prepare something for someone else for no reason than to make them smile and remind them of what it feels like to be on someone’s mind.

Blessings & Yummy Eating!



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