It’s Here… It’s Here… It’s FINALLY HERE!!!

Happy BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! YAY!!!!

black friday

I love being able to go shopping at anytime of the day or night, although I do feel terribly guilty about the Sales Associates that are serving all of the customers when they should be sleeping snug in their beds, or shopping with us. (hehe)

I have been quite Unimpressed this year though and have found no reason to go into the hustle and bustle at all. Incredibly disappointing. This whole, “let’s steward our money better for the Kingdom” thing is difficult and it has re-arranged my priorities. I will say I will be meeting with Joann at Joann’s fabric store with bells, whistles and running shoes on Saturday Morning. Quilting fabrics will be 1.99 a yard! Praise God! Hoping to rack up…

If you go out on this wild and crazy night, enjoy every second of it, make wise decisions and come out on top! I hope you have a blast. Let me know of any great items you score!





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