All the Answers…

Have you ever thought you had all the answers? I do that. All the time. I really don’t know how people tolerate me sometimes.

I am at a loss right now, I don’t know all the answers, and the questions are just as concerning. My little guy and my little gal seem to be under some incredible thing, that I can’t see. I know I can pray, and I know all those Biblical things that I can do, and that He will and is doing. I just need your prayers. I need wisdom, the kind that comes from somewhere far off in the distance, but is immediately recognized as the correct option.

I won’t put my children’s business out there, but if you read this, would you pray for them? Would you pray for me? For my husband? That we would have discernment in our dealings with our children. That we would be wise beyond our years and expectations. That we would only make decisions that the Lord would have us make. If you have children, you know what it is to love something beyond understanding. I think the world of my children, they were sent here to bless me, and they do, but they are needing so much from me right now, so much more than I know how to give them. They need the comfort of the Holy Spirit when they don’t understand, the peace of the Lord that goes beyond all things, they need the love of their savior to guide them. I refuse to believe that they are too young to be used by God. They are incredible and mighty soldiers, they aren’t ashamed or embarrassed to speak of God. They walk boldly and encourage others and I won’t allow them to be captured by the enemies army and be tormented, mentally, emotionally or physically.

Pray with me today, not just for my children but for all the children in the world who don’t have mommies to cuddle them at night, or a dad who says, I love you, and means it. For children who have wandered away and been lost to their loved ones, for the ones held in captivity, for the ones who endure torture. We can see an end today, if we join together and set a course for our homes, our schools, and our nation and stand together in prayer, believing that the same God who raised Christ Jesus from the dead is able to do something extraordinary in our nation and this world. We have the ability to put an end to so many things, but our prayers never make it past the thought that we need to pray. I am convinced I have a place in my brain, where my prayers circle around while the busyness of life distracts me and silences my hearts cry. Cry out today. Tell the Lord, that what we desire most is to see his Kingdom here on earth, to see His power and strength displayed, and chains falling off of the bound. If His kingdom is here, all other things that oppose Him, have to flee!




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