Apple Juice and Murray’s Butter Cookies

Did you go to Sunday School when you were little? Did your awesome Sunday School teacher spend time telling you how much God loved you, and then pouring you a cup of yummy chilled Apple Juice, and handing you a tissue or a napkin with some yummy ring around your finger Murray’s Butter Cookies?


All of my memories of church surround that snack time every Sunday. It was how we received love. Food is instrumental in our flesh. I love to eat. I believe the ridiculous love I have for food has to be a sin. I truly have to pray about food, because if not, I devour it, and I don’t stop eating when I am full, I stop eating when I feel like I am going to be ill when I take another bite. It’s out of hand. I currently work in Children’s Ministry, and it is hard work. Our children don’t get Murray’s Butter Cookies and a itty bitty cup of Apple Juice, I am not trying to sound Spiritual here… I am feeding them the word of God. Miracle upon miracle, they are eating it up! The image when I was in Sunday School, was more of a get them Saved mentality- from what I remember. After we were saved, it was just felt board Bible stories, they weren’t real to us. I love my Sunday School teachers, they changed my life. They introduced me to my Creator. They made sure I knew that I knew that I knew, that I was loved by Him, and that He wanted me to follow Him all of my days, but that’s as far as it went. Our children are hungry for knowledge, and wisdom for their Creator. Watch how quickly they learn to play a video game, or memorize lines from a movie. Put scripture in their hands, their minds can handle the task, their mouth was created to bring Honor and Glory to HIM! Don’t sell them short. They can heal the sick, if you train them to believe that through Him they can. If you doubt them, they will doubt themselves. I am anxious for the day a child walks into our doors and tells us they lead another child, a teacher, their parent or friend to Jesus. The day is drawing near, grab it, or you will lose it!

Take a few moments and hunt down your Sunday School teachers and tell them THANK YOU! If you aren’t serving with the children of your church, or you don’t know where you fit in, give your Children’s Ministry a try at your church. If you are unsure if you like it, commit to a trial run for 3 months or so. Anyone can do anything for 3 months! That is only 3 Sundays- yep. You can do that! Truly! If you don’t like it, don’t feel fulfilled, or don’t believe it’s where the Lord wants you, you can move on. That’s the beauty of Ministry. There is a spot for you somewhere! If you do nothing but offer to cut things for the children’s classes, you are helping to grow the Kingdom.

Reality Check- The Next Generation Church is already in the Building. They need you to grow, to develop and use their God given gifts. They have to be trained to lead the Church. If you don’t use them, you WILL lose them. If we don’t show them their value now, they may not stay around to see it later. In fact the statistics are sickening- our church is leaving the building and they aren’t expected to return.

Pray today about how you can propel the Kingdom through the children in your church. What gift do you have to bring? Snacks? Materials? Supplies? Bibles? Crafts? Your Time? Your Love? Your talents? Get with your Children’s Ministry Directors, tell them what you are good at, and ask how they can use it! You can be the impact your young people are needing.




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