Little Lesson-Big Gain…

Hey there!

We are working our way towards a debt free life. This comes at quite a cost to us in the “right now”, but we know and believe that there is a bright and fulfilling future ahead. During this time of year I scramble. Mostly because I make most gifts from my own two hands. That can be very time consuming, but I believe the value of the gift is far greater than the emptiness of purchased gifts-***to me. Feel free to continue shopping, or if you bake, bake with love, if you sew, sew with love, if you work with wood- you got it, wood work with love.

There is something to knowing what you are receiving comes with the time of creating something especially for you. I use the time to pray over those that will be receiving the gift-in between yelling for the children to stop doing whatever disasterous thing they are doing. But some gifts, you just can’t make, for those gifts we hit up a store nearby, we have many so we go to Kroger, select a card and get the double fuel points saving us money, and we go to the store of our choice. Yesterday I chose to go to Target. I knew the kids would find a deal or two and they wanted to buy something for each other and their dad. Cash was holding onto our $50.00 gift card, and I thought- quick trip, should be fine.

The problem is, our quick trip began to take a long time. The isles were packed with people and 6 & 7 year olds change their minds quite often. I got to the register after our short trip became an hour and a half and asked Cash for the gift card. . . . . . . . . silence. Sweetly sad eyes looked up at me as he realized, the card held clenched in his hand when we entered the store was now gone. Big ole tears are filling his eyes. I am frustrated, not with him, but with myself. Who in there right mind expects a 6 year old to be responsible for a $50.00 gift card- this idiot here. I did. I didn’t want to take his excitement and claim the card, allowing him to think I didn’t trust him.

I apologized to him, and explained that it was my fault and my responsibility, went to customer service and found a lovely lady, Ms. Karen, and she took information, descriptions and the last four digits on the card from my receipt. With sad eyes, she said, “You know the chances of this card being turned in are slim”. I said, “Yes, Ma’am, I do.” Tim had come to the store and we split and did one last walk through. It was gone. We put everything back onto the shelves where we had found it and left the store.

At home, Cash said, “I been praying. I asked God to fix the truck and the computer and to help me find the card and He didn’t do it.” We talked about how the Lord often answers our prayers in a different time frame. He didn’t get it, but he wanted too.

Tim and I where upset and down about it all night, and then we sucked it up and said, it is the Lord’s money, so if we were to have it, we would, if not He will use it in someone else’s life.

Ms. Karen called at 9:00am, “Mrs. Summa. I have your card- it’s at guest services, and I am crying because I can just see the look on your little boys face when he finds out someone found it.”


AMEN! God answers prayers, His timing is so important. Cash will now know what it is to lose something of great value, to bless it and then have God return it, pressed down, shaken together and running over. I had counted it as gone, my attitude was rotten at first, then it moved on to understanding, and accepting and then to blessing whoever got it, at great loss to us. Now I am planning what I can do to bless Ms. Karen, to share the Love of Christ with her this Holiday Season for going above and beyond, for being a person of integrity. This week, or next, if you have it to do so, think of a random person you can bless. My mom likes to pay for the person behind her in drive thru lines. She has done that for years. A few weeks ago she pulled up to pay to discover that the person in front of her had paid for her, and the person before her had their meal paid for, and so on. Start something this season, that keeps giving. The Lord will bless it, as He does you!





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