Rest in the Rush

It’s hustle and bustling time. We are 8 days away from the big day. Moms and dads are tired of shopping, hearing about toys, and dealing with children completely ready to begin winter break.

Ahh.. the joys of parenthood. noise. chatter. whining. laughter. singing. cleaning. grinning. ..

I could keep going, but for your time’s sake… I won’t.

This holiday, do something unexpected, as Dr. Kevin Lehman said this morning on the radio, change what you say, and you will get a different response.

When they come home from school today you will ask,

“How was your day?”

They will say, “Fine”.

You will say, “What did you do, or learn?”

They will say, “Nothing”.

Instead let’s try something you and me… and follow Dr. Lehman’s advice.

When they get home, you say, ” Tell me about your day?”

They will say, ___________something…

You will say, “That sounds interesting. Tell me more?”

You are opening a door, you have given yourself a door, where previously there was no door. You are now in their world…. and p.s. get some rest would ya? There is nothing worse than a grumpy parent who looks and acts like the Grinch (before his heart grew) on Christmas morning.


Merry Christmas from Dr. Lehman and Me… and A Free Printable from me to you.




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