Stuck on Duck

Dynasty- a line of hereditary rulers of a country.


I am disappointed. So very disappointed. I prefer to not get political on here, because this is normally my time with God. But I am pretty sure, He is disappointed too. I am a strong Christian woman. When I say say strong, I mean, foundational. I believe that the Bible we read today is as true as it was at the time of it’s inspired writing. I believe that while there may be translation issues, there is incredible truth, completely orchestrated by the hand of our creator to give us a guidebook on how to survive with Him in the world we live in.

I believe that God is our creator, and there is only one. I believe that He created Adam from the dirt of this Earth that He created, and fashioned Eve from His ribs. I believe that their falling in the garden caused Him a heartache we could never know. It was more than the pain of the loss of one child, it was more than Job losing, literally everything but his life. It was the loss of his only friends, his special creations. I can imagine Him forming this being out of the dust, carefully molding, and then remolding until he took on more of God’s likeness.

I believe He loved his creation so much that He desired for them to be His children, Flesh of His Flesh and when they chose in one move to walk away from Him, that His heart was grieved. When He came to the understanding that the law would no longer hold His children in His safe keeping, He created another way, an even easier way for us to know Him. This way would take something more precious to Him; His son. His beloved child who was created in Heaven, sitting with Him, and He chose to send this beloved being to this planet in Human form, through a woman who was noticed by God.

He knew He could trust her to carry out this mission. She gave birth to a child, all human, and all God. He grew as we all do, and yet, His life was given over to the Mission of the Gospel. He sacrificed Himself for us. For each of us, individually and collectively. His love for us, was that great. Along with His sacrifice, He gave us the Comforter, also known as Holy Spirit. Since there is no indication, that He came back and took Holy Spirit back to Heaven, I have to believe that He is here, now, God with us.

Through the life of Jesus, there was great controversy. He was a man who offered not opinions, but facts. Truths, beyond the comprehension of those He spoke with. Those who didn’t understand, did after He rose again on the 3rd day as He had promised. He came that you might have life, because before He came, you were dead to rights in sin. You are not perfect, therefore the penalty of sin; death, would have grabbed you. You know under the love of Christ, can accept Him as your Lord and Savior, resembles a “like”- you agree that He is who He says He is. You can admit that you are a sinner, and without His grace deserved death, and the grave for all of eternity. You can then know, with perfect peace, that passes your understanding that you are now, with Him.

This is where Holy Spirit begins and complete’s His good work, in this time of your life, where you are promised to the Lord, as His Bride; where you have cheated death, and live each day under grace. Holy Spirit acts as your compass. He will lead you, or redirect you on your life’s journey. When you are wrong, He gives you a gut check, that says, “You’re out of line, Mister.” or a gentle, “Not that direction, my love.” He does this for each person who has chosen Him. You have the potential to dial the sound down, He is a gentleman and never pushes in where He is not wanted.

In our country, America, a place I am proud to live, a place that gives far more than it takes, I have always appreciate the right to free speech. I dislike most of what I hear now, in this culture of rampant sex, drugs, and un-Godliness. Do not think that I do not include myself on this list of behaviors that suffers from the sin condition of a fallen world, gossip, lying, gluttony, are equally sinful, and outside of the grace of God, would condemn one to death.

I do not believe that any human being is perfect, save for Jesus in His human form thousands of years ago. No one, not one, is perfect.

When I turn on my television, I cringe. Almost each time I watch my favorite show, Duck Dynasty, I have to endure raunchy commercials for a show that tests the very morals of our country, where promiscuity is a headline. The ability to advertise such a show, that is wildly inappropriate and more reserved for a “paid adult channel”, is not my call to make. I can do nothing but change the channel and train my children to turn their head when they feel Holy Spirit encourage it. I have found that even my young children know right from wrong, although they have been raised in a Country that allows for free speech, challenging most of what they hear from me. The speech that they typically hear, goes directly against the moral standard I seek to uphold; a Biblical standpoint.

As many of you know, My biological father is gay and recently married to his partner. I love Him very much and pray for him. I don’t have a relationship with him, because of freedom of speech. I choose to support the right of American businesses and their owner’s freedom of speech last year, while supporting a stance that I Biblically believe should be upheld and have heard from him 1 time through a text since then. I have not hated him, or used hateful words to slander him, I simply say, I love you. I pray for him. He wants to combat the Bible, and feels anger that someone would dare counter his own opinions. He raised me by the way, in church, to believe the word of God.

I believe that now is the time, if we do not begin to stand for our beliefs, we will begin a cycle that our children could not recover from after we are gone. I am proud of Phil Robertson, the Patriarch of the Robertson Family on A&E’s Duck Dynasty, a man of self confessed thoughts, who gave a truthful and honest answer in an interview with GQ Magazine, based on our shared Biblical beliefs, and am disturbed that in this country founded on religious freedom that he would be unable to express his personal beliefs without attack or persecution. When a homosexual expresses that they believe they should be allowed to marry, we don’t have a team on standby to shut them down. We as Christians, support the right to free speech, because our Father, our Teacher, Our Savior used the same method to bring the gospel.

A&E, I must warn you, that tossing the foundational Patriarch of a family with the sustenance, and moral standards of the Robertsons, may have cost you the 11 million viewers that made Christian America aware that your network even existed. Your decision is bigotry of the highest order. We as Christians who directly oppose shows with filthy language and promiscuity rampant, don’t attempt to cut off your network due to the offensive speech held therein, yet you openly attack a man’s standards that are expressed weekly on a show that’s breaking records constantly because we AGREE with him.

I pray that this would become an opportunity for Christians to show love, while taking a stand. There will be great persecution in this world and when the storms come, as this one has, we have an opportunity to be Jesus here on the earth. He was bold, full of courage, and about His Father’s business.

Let’s be about the Father’s business and show some Duck Support.




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