Wasting it All… on Him

Every now and then a song grabs me, the lyrics so incredibly linked to my hearts cry that I am inexplicably drawn into it. I heard this at church recently and each time they sing it, I am overwhelmed with His sacrifice for me.

That He loved me enough- mirred down in muck and dirt, He got down on my level. Can you see the woman at the well? Covered in shame, hiding who she was, lowering herself to the dirt, because she was in the presence of Him. Instead of standing above her, He lowered himself, as He did, she gained worth and value that she hadn’t felt in many years. His love for her, His mercy released her to go and sin no more.

POWERFUL! Can you imagine, Him looking you in your eyes, kneeling on the ground while you know you are dead to rites- this is Him, the man they call Messiah; and His love conveying a look that prompts immediate change in you. The love of your Savior is deep, wide, overwhelming, over flowing, never ending, never ceasing, and all for you.

How could we not waste ourselves on Him? Our belongings are worthless, our careers are worthless, our lives worthless, all we are is worthless, unless He is breathing on us, transforming us with one look, one glance into His eyes.  We are Overwhelmed with everything now, except Him, the one who Overwhelms us with love and joy. Be Overwhelmed, and pour it all back on Him.


Waste it All-

Covered in shame, hiding my face
I owed a debt I could not pay
Searching in vain to fill my heart’s ache
I threw my work away

When I thought all was lost
You saw me and You came to my defense
This priceless gift You gave
Was not meant for me to hold

I wanna waste it all on You
I wanna pour my heart’s perfume
I don’t care if I’m called a fool
I’m wasting it all on You

Lifting my head, holding my face
Wiping my endless tears away
You unlock my heart whispering grace
How could I leave this place?

When I’m here at Your feet
I can feel You, all the voices fade away
I will spend all my days
Giving back the love You gave

I’m gonna waste it all on You
I’m gonna pour my heart’s perfume
I don’t care if I’m called a fool
I’m wasting it all on You

All for love and all for me
You gave it all for me to be
Alive in You and You in me
Lord I surrender
To Your love and to Your touch
And to the way You give too much
I’m too in love to not be all for You!

I’m gonna waste it all on You
I’m gonna pour my heart’s perfume
I don’t care if I’m called a fool
I’m wasting it all on You

Can you feel His presence, He wants to rest with you, ask Him to forgive all this is unclean, and when He is done, forgive yourself, ask forgiveness for those you have wronged and then run back into the village as she did, and tell everyone you can about the love of the Messiah, Jesus.




2 thoughts on “Wasting it All… on Him

  1. Beautiful song… Merry Christmas Mel. May God bless you and your family richly throughout this Holy Season and throughout the coming year. Thanks for the lovely evening at your Mom’s house and the good smelling bath salt. YOU are so sweet and tender hearted. Love, hugs and blessings, Sabine

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