Costly Forgotten Resolutions

I have long detested “Resolutions” prompted by the beginning of a new year. I am unsure why, I just remember never achieving anything prompted by myself on my time table.

I have certainly found that whatever the Lord asks me to do, He will provide me the strength, courage and wisdom to complete my task. In my own strength I can do nothing. I was reading today in Psalm. There is something so refreshing and new in Psalms.

I remember my Great Grandmother, an incredible woman of God telling me that I should read a Proverbs and a Psalm each day for wisdom and encouragement. She was a precious woman, I hope my Great Grandchildren will think as highly of me, it was an honor to know her.

I have been working for 16 years, I began at 14 in a public setting, and have never had the privilege to stop. We are a two income family at this point in our lives. Our children are 6 & 7, I have been blessed to have enough flexibility that I may put my children on and then get them off of the School Bus. This is a treasure, as this is the first time in 3 years I have been able to do so. For awhile, I was having to drive to another bus stop so that I could get them on earlier. It was a rare gem, and in the stress of the drive and fear of being late to work everyday, I missed what was most important happening right under my nose.

In those quiet moments waiting for the bus in our vehicle, because we didn’t know anyone at this stop, and I am quite shy initially, I would read to them. Stories/ Events from the Bible, I would share my thoughts on it, what I thought the Lord was saying to us in that moment. I also encouraged them to memorize scripture, so we would begin on Friday and go until the next Friday. If they knew the scripture, I would reward them with a donut from the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street. It was fun and they wanted to learn more. I rewarded them with food- please don’t send hate mail!

I know my children, and I know what grabs their attention, and I know that the word that is placed within them will not depart from them. We started with a few easier scriptures, ” I will call to you, in times of trouble, and you will answer me”. “Trust in the Lord at all times, lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Then summer came, and our rhythm left.

I encourage you, begin to build scripture memory in your children, they can learn the words to ever song on the planet, quote movies, and act out their favorite scenes from tv. Do not think little of them or their abilities to hold the word of our Lord in their hearts. They can do it! There are many things to come, as the scriptures depict, if we lose our abilities to pour over the Lord’s word, who will carry it forth? If no one knows any of it, because it has been so readily available or every platform around. iPod, iPad, Internet, Apps galore, we are inundated with the word, but if it left us in instant form, would the word be held sacredly in our hearts? Could we quote it?

Would we be able to pass it down to our children and grandchildren. We are captivated by what is so readily available to us, we haven’t paused to see an agenda ahead, if you could no longer access the Bible, would you be able to depict any of it back to your children, or do you rely on your Pastor for that? I am guilty of this too, and as I write it, I am saddened, that I have been so easily distracted, because of selfishness and convenience.

These are the times we have heard about, He will return soon, for His unblemished bride, but are we ready? Our Nation looks like a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. We  are assisting in turning His head away, His blessings away.

What can you do about it? You can read, you can teach and you can inscribe the Word into your children’s heads, until it penetrates their heart. That is what true transformation is anyways. If we can create a society in the coming generations that knows the Word of the Lord, that holds it as sacred and true, we are able to leave a living legacy. If we teach though, that mommy always has to look every single verse up on her phone, well… why would they want to understand that? They memorize everything of value. Isn’t that also what we do? Every password to every account, every phone number, or address for work? We know all of the things that are fading with certainty, but His word? ? ?

If we start now, with a goal of doing it everyday, there are great chances we will fail, but if you start now, with a goal of memorizing 20 scriptures with your children, you have given them a chance for success and prayerfully a desire for more. They crave the word of their Creator, living water, breath of God, Bread of life, they call to Him, in their slumber, in their play they call back to Him. As they create something out of mud, they call back to Him, with their bodies, while their hearts are yearning for a connection that they can not gain without our assistance.

This year, this new day, can bring an eternal change, not only for us and our children, but their friends, their teachers, and their family. Many people I can’t reach, but most, my children could.




One thought on “Costly Forgotten Resolutions

  1. Melissa,
    You hit it on the nail. For me and mine we did our own vision boards. Although I must be honest I have not completed mine as of yet. I created my oldest sons vision/faith board so that it would be ready before they went back on winter break. Gods promises and or the desires of our heart all displayed within a birds eye view. This way our words, eye-gate and ear-gate are all in line with His word. Keep generating great writes for the masses to read. May His peace surround you and yours.

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