Ahhh… a keyboard- so shiny and old!

I have missed you.

So Much!

I have missed this keyboard so much.

This bout of illness was really something else. I do pray that it passes over the doors to your homes, much as the plague passed over the First Born son’s many moons ago!  I was tempted to call this week a total waste, I have exhausted all of my time off, and had to maneuver so many things, and work out compromises with my boss to get the work done, and still take care of my children. What I found though, is that the relationship I am building with my kids, was worth every second of sickness.

I am a go- getter, all day, everyday. On the weekends, I stay up late and get up early to accomplish whatever I need on the crafting side of my life. I didn’t notice how often I leave my babies in the dust, forgotten and lonely while mom is “on a mission”.

This past 8 days, I have been consumed with them, even while being incredibly ill myself. They have been with me most every second. The last time we spent this much time together, I am sad to say was over 6 years ago, when Cash was born.  It has been lovely to cuddle with them on the couch, and calm their raging fevers, and even clean their unmentionable messes. To just be with them, has been a weird dream come true. How I wish I could do it each and every day, but as I can’t, I was thrilled that they knew I was here for them over this last week.

Now that my fuzzy head is clear, I want to say HI! I have been thinking of you, dear readers, and hoping that you would be healthy and happy this New Year. Praying that there are blessings new and amazing, beyond your expectations!

When you feel bad, its awful to know you are helpless to help others, or celebrate with others. It has me thinking… baskets prepared ahead of time, for days like this. We knew multiple families sick while we were sick, and/ or celebrating life events, that we missed due to illness. If we had baskets prepared in advance- a Get Well basket with soups, crackers, and ginger-ale, and a family friendly movie, someone else could come and deliver the basket for us, so that we could still be there for those we love. My nephew came while I was sick, he is so incredibly adorable, but I couldn’t visit, or see his sweetness like I desperately wanted to. I was confined and wished that I has a dinner basket ready that I could have sent to them, in exchange for the dinner I had previously planned to make, or buy to deliver to them.

What do you do, in these circumstances? Teach me! I want to learn to be a good friend, even when sick! Do you call when your fuzzy headed, and hacking, or send messages? How do you reach out?


May the Lord bless and keep you, and steady His mighty hand upon your good health!





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