Falling Isn’t Failing If You Don’t Stay Down

Hello My Dear Friends,

I have had such an awesome week! I pray you have as well. There has been a shifting in my home, that has brought such peace!

The more I go into His word, the more confidence I carry that He will sustain me, hold me, guide me and continue to love me.

We live in a generation where the father is most often absent, disconnected or altogether a completely different picture than what our Heavenly Father intended.

I have fallen, and failed to keep the name of the Lord, Holy. My brother has been studying the Lord’s Prayer for teaching the youth group at our church for the last few weeks. I have been going over some of it with him and learning at the same time. He taught on how Honor has been removed from father’s, making the first line of the Lord’s Prayer, weak and ineffective.

The people wanted Jesus to “Teach them to pray”, there was something that happened when He prayed, or there would have been no need to ask for guidance in this.

The first line, “Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed by thy name.”

This line would have been uttered in complete submission, love, respect, honor and humility.

Unfortunately, we tend to echo back to God the same respect, and honor we would associate with our earthly father. As I said earlier, I have fallen, and failed to keep the name of the Lord, Holy, in my prayers, in my thoughts, in my mouth, and in my heart. When I am let down, I echo it back to God. There should be a holy reverence for a God who would send His only son to die not only on my behalf, but my children’s behalf. Although I am sure there is a sadness on His behalf He doesn’t see those failures and then plot what we would have to do to correct the error. He sees the spotless lamb of Jesus standing in our place. He who knew no sin, who became sin for our sake.

Our children love to pray over dinner. Our son, wants to always pray- but there are times he is giggling before he gets going, and we have worked hard to convey that God is fun and loving and he loves to hear us speak to Him, to communicate  with Him. At some point, we tried to make God so fun, that we removed the Honor, due to Him. That during our prayer, we are dealing with a serious God, who is moved by our hearts cry, our desperation, along with our laughter and joy created by Him, and through Him. We teach our children that falling down isn’t failing, that by running the race even in last place is winning, if you don’t stop running because you aren’t in the lead.

This week, pray for the men in your life, those you see often, and those, who may be absent from your life. Those that you view as failures, that stayed down, when they had opportunities to get back up, those who God has not stopped running after. Pray for them to be strengthened, prepared to run the race, and fixated on the goal of being in relationship with their creator. Pray for them, because this generation needs them to accomplish the work of the Kingdom, pray for them, so that your view of a father is changed, so that generations that follow would have a strong line of men, who stand firm on the word of God, to lead their wives and children in truth and wisdom.


Much love,



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