The Right to Life- Get Involved Before There is a Life to Fight for!

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I can remember the first time I heard about abortion. I was sitting in a classroom in high school, and our sex ed teacher was telling us about it. I remember hearing things like tissue and your choice and it’s not a life, and I remember feeling confusion and then anger. I had read in Psalms about God knitting us together in our mother’s womb, that He had laid out our days, documented them even in a book all about us. I knew He was who He said He was, and that meant that what was being taught was not of Him. I remember going home and looking up abortion on the computer and images that haunt me to this day flooding my eyes, click after click after click. I didn’t look to enjoy the loss or the suffering that had taken place, I looked because I lacked understanding, and without understanding and knowledge, I can do nothing. I remember valuing life more than I ever had before and writing research papers in English class arguing my side, fighting as a child for a child.

I cried then and I cry now, thinking not only of lives lost, but lies told, promised made with no intention of fulfillment. I cry for mother’s who will weep for these children for years to come, because a moment of realization has come and they will have to carry what they have done, forever. I weep for father’s who have no say, no ability to claim the life within as theirs to raise, grow, and train in the Lord. For children who will never play on a swing set, or sit on Grandpa’s knee, who will not ever feel a sweet kiss pressed upon their forehead, because it is uncomfortable for the mother. It isn’t the timing she chose, or the way she wanted it to be, because she may have suffered a terrible injustice another injustice will be done to another innocent. I weep for them, who do not know what they do, but I weep more for those in the faith, who do know what they do, for churches that would be such hard and condemning places that someone who has made an error in judgment would feel they need to kill before walking back through those doors; to cleanse themselves of the “error”, instead of running in and resting at the altar, placing their hands in the loving, grace filled hands of Jesus.

We can grow in righteous indignation, and we have a right to it, but it isn’t the only way to win this war on Human Life. A place where animals have more rights than a human being. We can start at the heart of the issue. We can begin where Christ began, conception. Mary had an unusual circumstance, most don’t. Most are young people, seeking love, and finding lust resting in it’s place. We can choose to take the fight back to where it begins, at the heart of young girls, and young men, being taught about the love of Jesus, uncompromising, high standard holding and passion filled. They are looking for something, let’s give it to them! Talk about sex, and what it does to you out of the bond, and sacred security of marriage. They think it’s about the physical, and it is– but its so much more than that, the emotional turmoil that they will be forced to endure, the choices that will be made, the pain and heartache involved. Get involved! Find out what the youth leaders and upper elementary staff need at your church, donations of materials, money & time. Be there! Be the one that doesn’t condemn, that they can come too, don’t allow people with gaping wounds to walk around without bandaging them, without simple and beneficial first aid. Give them Jesus, Time and Love, and Grace will follow.




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