You Want… Me? Really?

Hi!!! I am coming off of an awesome weekend! Not at all Superbowl related! For those of you who are football fans, I hope you enjoyed the game!

We had a guest speaker at church this weekend, Pastor Bryn Waddell with Truth Temple in Kannapolis, NC. He came and gave 3 incredible messages, words from God for our region. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Nothing new under the sun?” This weekend there were a lot of “New things under the SON”. I was personally impacted by the messages shared. I have told you all before about the past, my past, not to glorify my sin, but to acknowledge the wrongs the Lord made right! He is incredible! He is able to do everything He promised to do.

I have been promised many things, over the years, I have been called out, more times than I can count. Each time I was unworthy of the call, but the calls still came. He sees in me what I can not see in myself. He sees in my what my family and friends can’t see in me. He takes an adulteress woman, a drunkard, a liar, a thief, and sees a leader, a faithful and on fire woman after His heart. He sees me. I wrote a few days ago about when Hagar, Sarah’s servant, who conceived Ishmael with Abraham before the promise was ready, had a moment with the Lord. She ran from who she was, she desired an escape from her situation, and she found Him. She called Him, “The One Who Sees Me”. She was saying, “He sees me, the real me, the one no one else views as important, or worthy, and He accepts me”.

This came back to me today, as I have been processing the onslaught of information, the complete and total download of His spirit. Sometimes when we say He’s overwhelming, we literally mean, He is overwhelming! I am so grateful for His love, and desire to see me changed, to take me out of the muck and into His incredible goodness. I won’t preach Pastor Bryn’s messages to you, but would tell you to visit any church near or far that he is speaking at, he is a man of God, and will be obedient to the Lord. If you are in the sound of his voice, you will be blessed.

I have battled with worth for quite some time now. I made decisions that I have felt negated promises the Lord made to me, I disqualified myself from the race before I ever ran. I saw more weakness than strength. I was not the kind of woman the Lord would use. I was the woman at the well in John 4. I was not only a used woman, but a willing one. I was broken and lying prostrate at the foot of the cross, and that is right where Jesus found me. I always knew of Him. All of my life, I followed Him to the letter of the law, save one thing… I had not love. I had rules, and laws, and regulations, and while those things are very important, He Himself told me, it’s worth nothing, if I don’t love. He allowed me to travel a road, a winding path, away from Him, to get to a place where I knew shame. I knew regret, and I knew soul wrenching despair, the kind that leaves you paralyzed. He came to me, right there in the dirt, sat down and laid my head in his lap. Wiped my mascara stained eyes, and whispered loving comfort to me, washed my soiled hands and then lifted me to my feet.

This is where I got lost- I erected a monument engraved: Lost Girl Found… and I stayed there.

He didn’t. See, He didn’t just find me. He claimed me. Completely restored who I was, down to my DNA. There are so many children lost in this world, actual children, needing homes and families. So many are chosen by their looks, by the outward appearance. This is done so unlike God. He doesn’t look at the outward, He warns us not to either. If we do, we see in the natural, He desires us to see in the supernatural. To see what is not as those it is.

His monument said: New Girl Claimed.

An adopted child, comes with very little to their new home, their new family. They bring different things depending on their age, time without a family and memories locked within. Some good and some bad, but when you take them home, claimed, as your child; everything is new. EVERYTHING. You have created a place for them, a safe place, where they can grow under your wisdom, learn from your knowledge, and receive a chance towards things they can only dream about. You in your love, will do all you can to make those dreams come true, you will prepare them for the dream. You will guide them, teach them and train them to be everything they can be. When they break their promises to you, it will hurt, but it will not deter the course of action you have set in place. When they hurt you, you will be wounded, but you will continue to create in them all the beauty you know exists. You will not leave them, you will love them and tell them, to get it together, and show them what you have for them when they do.

That is Our God. He is that kind of parent, He corrects, and disciplines when necessary, He holds you when you have fallen, and skinned your knee, or your pride, He loves when He should be angry, He runs towards when He should walk away, and this God, this incredible God, says, “If I made you the promise. Get it in order, so I can bring it to pass”. Whoa. It sounds simple doesn’t it? Who knew that the 10 year hiccup in my life, could so easily be corrected. Yes I am flawed, I made mistakes, but I was forgiven. Yes I got words from God, special things He wanted to do in my life, but I was unwilling to let go of the past, and where I am going, it can’t come with me.

Today, you too, can make a decision. You can choose to follow Him, and drop everything in the dust as you walk towards His plans, or you can do what I did, sit down, right where He found you, too afraid to move for fear of walking in the wrong direction. There is a neon sign on you today… He is ready for you, calling for you. Will you answer?

His promises, His words to you, are based on His goodness, not yours! Isn’t that refreshing! 🙂

Love Ya



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