Standing in the Fire

Hi All! I hope this Friday found you in bright spirits! 

I am soliciting your prayers today. I know a few people right now going through life events that have the potential to take out the generations behind them. I won’t list their names, but they are hurting; truly devastated by what has been allowed in their lives. Strength only lasts until you believe hope is gone. I need your prayers for renewed strength, a renewed fight to rise up in them.

They need you. In my own marriage, when the days were so black that I couldn’t see the flame of hope in the distance, I had folks I didn’t know standing in the gap for me. They need you dear gap. There are children involved, hurting, confused children. Please lift them up, the Lord know who they are.

On the earth today men encounter more temptation than ever before. The enemy has placed his attacks on men. He took what God intended for good and perverted it. He knows that if He can take the man out- the entire family falls in his wake.

The greatest problem facing our churches, isn’t people leaving when they turn 18. It is dads being lured away, and mothers being told by the church, that if it was adultery the Bible says you can get divorce. Why do you think the enemy uses this? Why is sexual perversion the largest sin ripping families apart, because the enemy knows the word, and he says, If I can get a man from the church to commit adultery, I get his whole family and the church will back me up. Adultery isn’t a reason to divorce your spouse. I know there are some of you, who have lived with this and said, “when is enough, enough?” There are times most anyone will tell you, “you have gone through enough. you have tried, let it be”. THANK THE LORD, Jesus didn’t say on His way to calvary, “I think I have gone through enough, send the angels, I have suffered too greatly.”

I know what it is to see repeated painful, family destroying behaviors come into my home, take a piece of what we have worked so hard for and walk out with my peace. I have lived it. I do live it. I know what it is to see the Lord Himself take hold of a man, who doesn’t want anything to do with Him, and turn his entire life around. I have seen it. At the end of everyday, I know I live everyday to bring glory to the Lord. It is my role in this marriage. Marriage wasn’t intended for our happiness, but for His good. Get a prayer grip on your marriage and you don’t let go. You don’t back down, you put the enemy in his place, remind him of where he is. Whose you are. You speak over the doors and windows of your house, and you let people call you crazy and foolish for going back to a man that could cheat, leave, destroy you again; and then you go into your prayer closet and you tell the Lord thank you, for giving you another day with your husband, and ask Him to teach you to love him the way the Lord loves you, to see beyond who he is, to what he will be. Not because you changed him, but because the Lord changed him. Your marriage isn’t any more yours than your money- you are a steward of the marriage covenant, handle it as though it was the Lord’s. He would forgive it, the same way He forgives every other sin in your life. The ones your spouse doesn’t even know about.

Let your marriage define who the Lord is. What He is capable of. DO NOT GIVE UP! He is able. I wish I could tell you everything I have walked through. I wish you could see my tears spilling onto a pillow night after night, asking the Lord why He allowed this. I wish you could see my husband run to the altar as one man, and walking back to me as another. Is he perfect? Nope. Does he still mess up? Yep, but don’t we all? We as women tend to exalt our husbands sin above our own. The Lord doesn’t calculate how much blood Jesus shed for each kind of sin. He sees only a pool of blood at His sons feet.

If you are a married woman, pray for your husband today, you can not fathom the temptation put in place to distract him from you, the Lord and your children. He can not fight this alone, he needs you! Your prayers, your attention, your com hither eyes and your love. True love isn’t a feeling. It is intentional care. It is working through situations you swore you wouldn’t work through in your immaturity before marriage. Pray for woman of God to become mature wives. Spiritually mature, marriage mature, mothering mature. We live in this culture that distracts mothers from their children and they are raising themselves around us while we text, play on the computer, chat on Facebook with people we truly don’t want to see in person, but will sacrifice our time to pretend with, while our children wait patiently for our attention. We ignore our husbands needs because we live over our means and have to work full time to supply the money to fund a lifestyle God didn’t intend, and we are tired from working, and doing the things the Lord intended for us as women.

We are missing the mark- not you- but me. I am missing the mark. Countless babies are being murdered on my watch. This is my time on this earth, He places us here for such a time as this. I am watching divorce stats rise, because I don’t want to get in someone else’s business or get in the mix. Thank the Lord He put His Holy finger in my dirt at the well. Thankfully He took an adulteress woman and turned her into a woman whose desire is to please her God and her man.

We will miss it, and our children will pay. We MUST answer the call to action. We must. Our grandchildren will be completely separated from the Lord if we do not do something now, with this generation. They aren’t satisfied with anything. They want more and more, and they want it now. If we do not teach the contentment that comes from quiet time with Jesus, we are missing it! We are not fulfilling our duty! My toes hurt from stepping on them. This hurts me, it’s a realization that is affecting me. If NOT me, then who? Who will be able to go in my place? NO ONE. I was created with a specific purpose, so were you, and we must ACT. I don’t know how the Lord will lead you to act, but when He whispers, yells nudges you, please obey; my babies may need your children to be leaders of their faith one day, your babies may need my babies to pray with them over a friend when they are standing around the water cooler at work in 15 years. They may need a miracle, but if they don’t know the God of miracles because our culture has replaced him with THINGS, what will they do?

My heart is burdened, I don’t know what to do, or where to start, but at some point we must say, “enough is enough”. I will follow the cross down whatever road it leads me. I will not bow to pressure of my workplace, my culture or MY HOME. For so many, that is the easiest place to fall, when it should be the ONE place there is a standard that is maintained. Heaven should be able to fall in my home, if it isn’t there, that atmosphere isn’t following me anywhere, and without it, without Him,  I can do nothing.

At some point Ladies, and Gents, we will be called to prosecution for our faith, big or small, life or death, job or unemployment. It is coming to that, do not believe that this will all just work itself out without your voice. Without HIM, nothing changes. People are losing their jobs over their beliefs, your security can not be your job! If your in debt work your way out, so that when your faith and beliefs are called into question, you can walk away. He is your provider, your sustenance, it’s all from Him. You didn’t give yourself that career, He did, do not doubt that He will fulfill your dreams desires and visions, if you would, but seek Him First. He will give it all to you. He owns a cattle on a thousand hills… and the HILLS!!! He owns them all! He created this world, do you believe He is unable to grant you good and perfect things, if you offend someone by speaking for your God?

David went against Goliath, not for what He would gain- but because an uncircumcised Philistine dared to utter a word against His God. We go to movies, hear the Lords name used deplorably and we stay for the rest of the movie, because we don’t want to lose money, and the movie won’t affect us… it won’t change us. It’s a lie. It’s a great lie, but it is most assuredly a lie. We will be changed. We will be affected and we will reap what we sow. What goes in, will come out.

I don’t know what I am trying to say here, I just know, I am not ok with the state of this world, the culture and worse the church. Our churches should have a divorce rate of 0%. He didn’t die for your marriages to fail!

When you see a friend going through something- offer to keep the children, give her or them a time to get away from it all. Provide encouragement, not fuel.

If the grass looks greener on the other side, you probably need to take better care of yours. : )

Blessings and so much love.



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