A Pretty Pink Cast- That Stinks

I started roller skating when I was little, like a lot of children. I was five when I got my first and only (Praise God) broken bone. I remember the two older girls that tripped/ fell on top of me. I remember the pink cast and how much I loved it. I loved going around with a permanent marker and having people sign it.

I saved it when my ankle finally healed, and put it up in my closet. I couldn’t smell it. I couldn’t envision the germs that must have been caked inside a 5 year old’s signature covered cast. I couldn’t see that it took up room in a closet that I didn’t have. I only knew that this was a symbol of how many people loved me. I remember that feeling specifically- this proved people love me. (Amazing that my little mind can hold that memory.)

I came in one day, and opened my closet and the cast was gone. I ran to my mom and asked what had happened, and I remember her saying, “Honey, it was smelly, and full of junk”. My heart was wounded. I was unable to explain to her what that cast meant to me. All she knew was- it stank and should be thrown away- I didn’t need it anymore.

Isn’t that the way our walk with the Lord is? He delivers us, heals us and He wants us to take the cast off- and throw it away. He has taken care of it.

But we don’t do that, do we? We not only want to hold it, we would put it in a trophy case.

Your life before Jesus was stinky, full of germs and signed by multiple people, some who genuinely loved you, and others who would leave you in a moment for a better opportunity. When you met Jesus, we washed the stink off of you, threw out your germs and called you to have some friends who smell good around you too. The only role He demands of each of us, is to go and find some other stinky people to tell about Him, so they can be clean too.


Love you- throw out your stinky cast- you don’t need it anymore!






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