A Great Big Thank You!

Have you ever worked with people who made your life different?

You weren’t the same after being around them, day in and day out for a few years?

I was so privileged to work with such a group for 3 years. They changed my life. They taught me who I was, and walked with me in faith, through storms that alone, I could not have withstood. They were the kinds of bosses you dream of, people who encourage you to be more than you are. To push beyond the limits, to believe that you actually can do it. Who care as much about you as a person, as they do about you as an employee. There were many days of prayer, literal prayer in the middle of the day. Days that I was able to be real, about real life changing issues, and I was encouraged to keep going, and not even for their benefit… but for mine.

Ms. Sandi, Charles & Terry, you forever changed the course of my life, in the three incredible, fun, hard, and busy years I spent with you. Thank you for being people who care, and make a difference in the lives of those around you. You will never know what an impact you had on me, and by extension my family! I love you dearly and thank God that He sent you to me. You didn’t know He brought you all together for me, but that’s what He did. You built me into a strong, and capable woman, and it overflows into every area of my life.

I don’t know how to say it that will make you feel it, like I mean it, but, Thank You! My children will always be different because of what you helped transform in me.

I wanted to thank them today, and in tribute to them, encourage you to be such an employee, and friend wherever you are. If we can all be that for one person- we can, change the world.




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