Broccoli & Cheese

Holy, Holy, Holy

Merciful and Mighty

God in three persons

Blessed Trinity


I forget sometimes that there are 3 in 1.

Do you ever do that? It’s like when you eat Broccoli and Cheese… I am mentioning this, because I had some at my moms last week for the first time since I moved out 11 years ago… how did I go 11 years without Broccoli and Cheese???? It’s the perfect example of something healthy becoming grossly unhealthy!

But the Trinity is a little like that… God= Broccoli, (Don’t get mad at me, God knows I love Him way more than Broccoli… 🙂 ) Jesus= Cheese- delicious Cheddar chunk cheese mixed with shredded Mozzarella… and we think those at the main part of what make the food so good… and they have a share in it, but the missing ingredient that gave so much flavor was the salt. I mean who doesn’t love salt? Other than the people with high blood pressure and cholesterol of course?

Holy Spirit covers us, as we are and then adds something unique to Him. His presence…, That His was meaning the 3 all together of course.

When we live with just the cheese covering the broccoli we are missing the extra goodness of salt.

I am nothing without all three of them. I am so glad Holy Spirit lives and moves and has it’s being in me. I am changed every moment I allow Him to lead me. I am more like Him, and who doesn’t want to be more like the one who is without blemish or wrinkle? ME!!!






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