All I Have to Give

I listen to Dave Ramsey through the workday. It helps me to be intentional in all that I do. To remember that I am not just a financial steward, but a spiritual, physical and relational steward. All that He gives us, we must steward over… really makes me rethink my food and beverage choices.

I heard the cutest story the other day, about a woman named Katherine. I won’t go into the entire thing, because they did it much better than I could!

This woman was saving for a car but knew a widow who needed what she had been saving every extra penny for, so she gave it away. A couple who knew her heard what she had done and went out and bought her a car. She was expressing how touched she was by what they did, and then she said something that tickled me. “I knew God had cars, but I didn’t know He had new cars for me.”

How adorable! That is something we can relate to every area of our life. I knew God had a cattle on a thousand hills, but I didn’t know how I would buy my groceries… guess who owns the grocery store?


Before Katherine finished her story she left one though, “I give all I have to give, because the very nature of Jesus Christ is to give; because He gave His life for us.”

Is that not beautiful! I want to be like Ms. Katherine when I grow up, a complete stranger who at the very heart of her nature, gives all she has to emulate Christ.





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