Creative and Intentional Gifts

I received the most wonderful early Birthday surprise and wanted to share it with you! Most of you know how much I love to create things, and what I am sharing with you today is something completely out of my creative scope.

My Co-Worker creates some really beautiful journals, and journal jars! When I came into work this morning they were sitting on my desk with a super funny card!

Thank You Ashley! Check out this thoughtful gift!





Just wanted to share her kindness with you and tell you how you can get one of these gorgeous journals for your friends, and loved ones! Each is handmade by Ashley and I can attest that their quality is unequaled.

The Journal Jar is incredibly creative, and a wonderful gift for a new mother, a writer or an artist of any kind. The words within propel thought and expand imagination.

I have never received a handmade journal, the pages are so wonderfully textured and I can not WAIT to write in it!

Check out Ashley’s site, for a journal for yourself or someone special in your life, and I pray those moments of quiet reflection will bless you and them repeatedly!




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