Just buy the toothpaste!

Have you ever had a moment of realization that you are doing the wrong thing for the right reasons?

I know that sounds backwards, and it is… My precious boy loves candy.

I mean he REALLY



What you read was, he likes candy… but what I was actually saying was the boy adores, enjoys, absorbs candy through his pores.

This of course means we have to restrict how often he has it and how much he has in his possession, because if you give him an inch, the mile is in the rear view. We also have to encourage strong brushing habits. He hates our toothpaste.

Abhors it. It’s as though we rolled it in cat litter and forced him to use it…

He screams, he throws a fit and all I think is, it’s just mint, not much stronger than the Mint Chocolate Chip Blue Bell Ice Cream he enjoys… Blue Bell… oh, that’s for another day!

Today we have a dentist appointment, and I know my sweet boy is going to hear 4 little words that I will dislike as much as him, “You have a cavity.” What frightens me more are the 3 little words, “You have cavit…ies”.

As I was contemplating that realization, I was speaking with Tim, and I said, “why don’t I just buy toothpaste he almost wants to eat, why am I so un-budging on something that could literally cost him his teeth, and us a lot of money over the course of his adolescence”?

We are the parents that spank and ask questions later, most of the time. I realize this is an area we fail in, you don’t have to tell me… I know! This is always a fight, every single day, TWICE a day. I have not wanted to give in, because I thought, he just needs to adapt; it’s kinda like cooking two meals because everyone doesn’t like the same things- it’s unheard of and not-mentioned in our house. I was standing in the sand across the line and then noticed that the difference it would make to buy he and Loralei a toothpaste they prefer would ONLY benefit me. Does it help them, sure! But it absolutely benefits me. I am the one force brushing his teeth while he cries everyday, I am the one who will be forking out hundreds of dollars to have his teeth fixed, and all over at most $15 in toothpaste a YEAR….


So Moms’ and Dad’s… Just buy the toothpaste! For the love of all- it’s immediate impact is little, but the end results, literally  life/health changing.

An Important Announcement from Dr. Summa (In case you didn’t know, I wanted to be a doctor when I was a child, and at times, I believe I un-foundedly am one) is unfoundedly a word??? who cares, I am the Doctor on this site… lol!

: Your teeth health is directly linked to the health of the rest of your body… 32 reasons to invest in toothpaste that your children will use, instead of spit out and clog your sink drain…





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