Instincts & Wisdom


: a way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is not learned : a natural desire or tendency that makes you want to act in a particular way

: something you know without learning it or thinking about it

: a natural ability

Is it a bird? A plane? A super Cash?

Is it a bird? A plane? A super Cash?

I really love this definition. All of them, bu mostly the 1st one for this discussion.

My son- I talk about him all the time, I know. Cash is an adventurer. He is a David of the Bible. He is strong, confident and incredibly sensitive to those around him. He would grab a sling and a stone in a second. David had a slightly better advantage than our Cash. David was visual, we learned that in his fall with Bathsheba- terrible how 1 wrong act can define to generations behind you; we use David to teach bravery to children and weakness to men and women, but David lived in times before media was constantly in your face.

David had to go out of his way to sin sexually, while my son turns on a t.v., uses a cell phone or computer and will be inundated with visual stimulation he isn’t even able to comprehend yet. Cash wants to please the Lord, He brings excellence with him wherever he goes, yet I know, that should he continue without intervention in this society as it is, he will believe that homosexuality is something you are born with instead of a sin you choose. He will learn that he is a sexual creature and that no door is closed to him, he will be convinced that sin is not sin, just some choices that didn’t always have great results.

Cash won’t continue without intervention, we will not allow him too. He will know that all he has and all he does are his father’s and mine to go through. There is no privacy outside of showering and changing your clothing in our home. I grew up knowing my mom and dad, and then Chris could go through ANYTHING I had at anytime. Period. I had no desire to attempt to hide anything from them and there were very few times that Keith attempted to either. We knew, if it was in their home, it was theirs. I had so many friends who either had parents so disconnected from them that they could do anything they wanted anyway and others who flat out lied, and lived separate lives in front of their parents. Transparency is key!

Parents- you better know that you know that you KNOW your children. They need you to be in their business, completely “up in their grill”, they are desperately seeking attention, and if they aren’t getting yours, I guarantee they are getting someones. A little secret, they want you in their business. They want you to lay down boundaries, they want to know where the lines are, they want you to say no, when every friends parents have said yes. Its’ easier for them to have your no, than acknowledge they aren’t comfortable doing certain things with their friends.

In no way am I saying they will like you for this time of their lives. The good news- you weren’t created to be their friend- you are their guardian, their protector, the one the Lord determined for you to be. When they become adults- true adults around 24-25, you can have your friendship with them, while they are raising their children, they will come to you; they will look to the one who protected them to teach them how to protect the people they love the most; their children.

Cash is an adventurer. He is going to go on so many adventures and I won’t be able to go with him, he is going to travel the world, make friends, be a husband, and a father. I pray that the Lord will give me wisdom beyond my years to make him into a man worthy of his wife, and his children. That he will know true transparency and never want to live a hidden life. A false life, but instead with his eyes wide open declare with word and action that he is a follower of the Most High God. He is a child of the Great I AM. He is a gift to me, and this parenting thing is so much harder than I thought it would be, the little secrets, the small but real lies and shame begin now. The need to wear a mask has begun; I can only pray that the Lord will prepare us to guard this new generation surrounded by sin, and give them the foot up they need to make this life, everything He desires for it to be. His instincts are incredible already, he senses things that blow my mind. Every child is born into a sinful world, and the instincts within battle. Make sure you are refereeing their battles, so that they will not be in the ring alone.




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