209 Days-Until Christmas!!!!

There are — 209 days until Christmas!!!!

And the crowd goes wild!!!

Hmm… maybe that was just in my head! No worries, I am excited enough for all of us!

I get really itchy to get Christmas stuff out in June. By July- I am gung-ho on figuring out where the trees will go, and making lists of what is needed to make Christmas even more beautiful this year than last. I normally decorate in October… I try to hold off until the 31st… which makes everyone else crazy- because it’s Halloween- big whoop.

…sigh… no one else gets it. At Christmas, a part of me that lies dormant all year comes out to play. I get to be creative and it’s not only acceptable but appreciated. I can create anything I want- last year I made a tree skirt out of a round plastic tablecloth. Here are some pics… I would offer a tutorial, but really- I’m not very good at them! Saving you from being tempted to be mad at me and leave a nasty comment below. : ) You’re Welcome!




I can’t wait until I pull out my fake trees- because the smell of pine all day everyday would be terrible- and the tree wouldn’t survive my full Christmas season! I can’t wait to decorate them, and each has it’s own theme. In our home, which is small and cozy, there aren’t many places to put these trees, so they get squished into corners- but none of us seem to mind.—actually, I take that back, the kids and I don’t mind! : ) Tim isn’t as excited as I tend to be that we have decorations on every available surface. Sorry Babe… you didn’t know the Christmas monster lived in me when you married me. I should have warned you.

Anyway- sorry for the random Christmas post- but I needed some joy today and Christmas just smothers me in happiness, and Christmas movies, the extra Hokey Christmas Movies on Hallmark, ABC Family and Lifetime rock my world. Wonder if they have added any new ones to Netflix. I guess I will find out this evening.


If you are a Christmas gift creator- get going, you know you wait until the last minute every year and spend Christmas stressed instead of relaxing!

Blessings today-and everyday!




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