I look around me, at everything that exists in the World we live in and while chaos seems to reign, there is an inner peace that just says, “Amazing”. Everything, every person He creates is Amazing.

Loralei has so many questions about being a lady. Things that I am certain I didn’t learn at her age, but things that society has forced my hand on. I answer honestly and attempt to not be embarrassed as I do. If I am embarrassed she will be embarrassed when the real questions of moral value come in.

She is 8. She is wonderfully innocent. Completely oblivious to most things other children her age get. It leaves me feeling unbalanced. Wanting her to “get those things”, yet, wanting her to stay innocent, and oblivious as long as she can. She asked some questions this week that made me say, “Let’s talk”. I want more than anything for Tim and I to be a moral compass- not the moral compass-because the standard is not us, or our beliefs, but the life of Jesus, displayed beautifully in His word and on the cross. I want her to understand her body’s functionality, but also the spirit that is within, that guides and demonstrates His love for her, His promises and His truth, His values. I want her body to know innocence until the Lord himself places her hand in that of her Beloved’s; the one created long ago in the heavenlies for her.

When she questions I answer, and everytime while I explain, I am reminded myself of how amazing our God is. To create our bodies exactly as He did. That the Earth itself is a habitable place for us functioning exactly as we are. He is amazing- the earth and it’s people, troubled yet beautiful…they are amazing; they are desired by the heart of a Father, and despite the pain here, His amazing works are everywhere surrounding us on mundane and glorious days.

He made you to be Amazing- don’t let something or someone cause you to miss His purpose for YOU.

You are destined to leave a mark on the world- let that mark be Amazing.





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