Mom Fails

I have been looking through pictures for a few weeks… and feel almost as though I missed all of the times I was taking pictures- as I looked back I really began thinking about who and what I am as a mother- and I thought I would share my epic Mom Fails with you. You aren’t alone. You aren’t the only mom who thought things would go one way and they swung wide in the other direction. You are the  one the Lord gave your children. He saw beyond what you could see, and whatever the circumstances- He is prepared to strengthen you as a mother and give you wisdom for your children- specifically.


Mom Fail # 1- I rarely- if ever take pictures at Birthday Parties.

  • Yes, I know that they will want pictures of these special days- and that is why God gave them grandparents, aunts and Uncles… : ) Thank You Aunt Lindsey for documenting that I did have Birthday Parties for them.


Mom Fail # 2- I am so easily distracted by other things, that I don’t always feel the gentle tapping on my arm or leg… and in a moment of frustration- turn to face them with my annoyed face.

  • I know I’m not perfect- but I hate that they know it too.


Mom Fail # 3- Letting the kids leave the house in Mismatching clothes.

  • Yes- I know I should have their clothes laid out- but I am so glad to see their sweet smiles when they put on their clothes and walk out looking like Kings and Queens in their mismatching both color and season outfits. They are adorable. I know other people must think- does she not care??? (I don’t. I really really don’t. I much prefer their sweet smiles and genuine hearts to looking the part without any of the heart!)

Mom Fail # 4- Thinking I was going to be such an incredible mom, and then realizing that I am not an incredible mom.

  • I know that dreams of grandeur rarely come true, but I really believed this one would be everything I thought. I love being a mom- I just never realized I would be a working mom. It’s so difficult to have your children molded by everyone they meet and spend time with; and then when you get home to them- you get to start all over… every single day. I didn’t know that I would have moments where I would just cry in defeat- thinking I won’t really measure up to other mom who have it all together. I didn’t know how alone I would feel disciplining our children- because Tim and I come from such different backgrounds. I didn’t know, I could love it so very much and cry anew each month when that dream of having another awesome child won’t come true. At the end of everyday, I have to acknowledge that I am me, and only God in His awesomeness can change my inner character until I resemble the mother that I dream of being.

Mom Fail # 5- Realizing that when they were born- I had to give them back to the One that gave them to me.

  • Watching your children try new things is hard- there is fear and anticipation, joy and concern. They will get hurt, and I am powerless to stop most of those hurts. Giving them up is hard, but if I want them to succeed with the life the Lord has for them, I can only house them like a wounded/ baby bird, and trust that the one who has His eye on the sparrow, would not let me little ones out of His sight.

I have learned in the last 9 years, that I am nothing I thought I would be- but also- that my children, didn’t have a preconception of who their mother and father would be- so even when I feel I am disappointing their standard, they can only compare having me- to me. I can either become a better mother or a worse mother based on the standard I have set for them. How I long to be the best momma I can be for them- because I so dearly love them.





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